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Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2017 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website).

See also General Course and Examination Regulations.

BSc(Hons) Programme of Study

The BSc(Hons) at Canterbury, if studied full-time, is an accelerated one-year (12 months) degree course for the very able. It is taken following the completion of a three-year Bachelor's degree with very good grades. Those who complete the BSc(Hons) with high grades are normally eligible to proceed directly to a PhD.

Students who have been granted direct entry to 200-level undergraduate courses on the basis of high achievement in university entrance assessments may complete a BSc(Hons) after a total of three years' study: two years undergraduate (Pre-BSc(Hons)) and the one-year (12 months) Honours. Also see Regulation 3(a) (iii) below.

Subjects in which the Degree may be Awarded

The degree of BSc(Hons) may be awarded in the following subjects: Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computational and Applied Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, Ecology, Economics, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology+, Finance and Mathematics, Finance and Statistics, Financial Engineering, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematical Physics, Medical Physics, Microbiology, Physics, Plant Biology+, Psychology, Statistics, Zoology+. (Please refer to Regulation 9 for Combined Honours.)

+ Not open to new enrolments in 2017.

Qualifications Required to Enrol in the Degree

Every candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours shall have:

qualified for the award of a Bachelor's degree; or
been admitted under the regulations for admission ad eundem statum as entitled to enrol for the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours; or
gained direct entry into 200-level courses and have completed a minimum of 240 points, including 90 points at 300-level;

Note: Students who enter 200-level honours (Pre-BSc(Hons)) under this regulation transfer from an incomplete BSc and graduate BSc(Hons) only.

And either
satisfied the prerequisites for the subject to be undertaken in the BSc(Hons) as specified in the Schedule to these Regulations; or
completed a qualifying course prescribed by the Head of Department/School and approved by the Dean of Science of a standard equivalent to the pre‑requisite courses;
demonstrated a high standard of achievement in previous course work, normally entailing having achieved at least a B+ average in the required courses for their undergraduate degree subject major.
been approved as a candidate for the degree in that subject by the Head of Department/School and the Dean of Science.
Course of Study Requirements

A candidate shall be assessed on the basis of such written examination, oral examinations, research project, and other work as prescribed for the subject offered. Candidates shall not concurrently enrol in additional undergraduate courses except with the permission of the Head of Department/School and Dean of Science. The programme of study shall satisfy the following conditions.

Approval of programme of study
Every programme of study for the degree shall contain the 400-level requirements specified by the Department in the Schedule to the Regulations for the Bachelor of Science with Honours. The programme of study must have a minimum of 144 points (1.2 EFTS), which includes a research project of at least 30 points. With the approval of the Head of Department/School, a candidate may replace courses up to 60 points with 400-level honours courses prescribed for other subjects.
In special cases a personal programme of study may be approved which does not conform to the course of study requirements. Applications for a special course of study shall be submitted in writing to the appropriate Head of Department/School and forwarded to the Dean of Science for approval. The application will be considered on its merits and in the light of special circumstances.
Courses not to be repeated or failed: All courses must normally be passed at the first attempt. Where a candidate's performance or ability to study in one or more Honours courses has been impaired by illness or other circumstances, and an aegrotat consideration is not available, the Dean of Science may permit the candidate to repeat course work and/or undergo assessment one further time.
Subjects passed elsewhere at 400-level: A candidate shall not present a subject for a BSc(Hons) degree which he or she has already passed at an equivalent level for another degree or diploma.
Full-time and Part-time Study and the Normal Time Limits
When a candidate is enrolled full-time, the 400-level Honours courses must be completed within 12 months, except as permitted under Regulation 4(b).
With the approval of the Head of Department/School and the Dean of Science, a candidate may be enrolled in Honours courses part-time.

Note: A part-time candidate is one who, because of employment, health, family, or other reasons, is unable to study full-time. Part-time enrolment requires completion within 2 years (24 months), except as permitted under Regulation 4(b).

Class of Honours

The Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours may be awarded with First Class Honours, with Second Class Honours, or with Third Class Honours; the list of candidates obtaining Second Class Honours shall be listed in two divisions (Division I and Division II). The class of honours awarded shall be determined on the performance of the candidate. (Please refer to the General Course and Examination Regulations C: Work and Assessment, for further information.)

Candidates Who Fail to Obtain Honours

When a candidate fails to obtain BSc(Hons), the Dean of Science, depending upon the level of achievement and on the advice of the Head of Department/School, may recommend the award of:

a Postgraduate Diploma in Science,
a Masters of Science Part I,
in the case of students who gained entry to BSc(Hons) under direct entry Regulation 3(1) (c), a BSc, or
course credit, Certificate of Proficiency (COP).
Withdrawal from the BSc(Hons) programme

A candidate who has commenced study for the degree and withdraws from all or part of the programme without completing course assessment requirements may not re-enrol without the permission of the Dean of Science.

Combined Honours Degree

A candidate may complete the degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in two subjects (Combined Honours). Except in the case of the specific Combined Honours degrees whose requirements are stated in Schedule 2 of the BSc(Hons) regulations, a student wishing to complete a Combined BSc(Hons) degree must satisfy the course requirements for entry to 400-level honours in each subject, take 400-level courses totalling at least 60 points in each subject, complete one research project (worth at least 30 points) that normally reflects the combined nature of the degree, and take such additional courses as required by the Dean of Science.

Subjects and their Prerequisites for the Degree

The subjects for the degree and their prerequisites are given in the Schedule to these Regulations.

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