Bachelor of Engineering with Honours - Award Regulations - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Forest Engineering

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2018 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website). Find key terms in the Glossary of terms.

Note: These regulations refer to the Professional Years (years 2-4) for study in Forest Engineering. For information on the Intermediate Year (first year of study) and the overall Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree, refer to the BE(Hons) Regulations.

First Professional Examination
FORE 199 Workshop Training Course
EMTH 210 Engineering Mathematics 2
FORE 205 Introduction to Forest Engineering
FORE 215 Introduction to Forest Economics
ENCN 213 Design Studio 1
ENCN 221 Engineering Materials
ENCN 231 Solid Mechanics
ENCN 253 Soil Mechanics
ENFO 204 Forest Measurement
Second Professional Examination
ENCN 305 Computer Programming and Stochastic Modelling
ENCN 353 Geotechnical Engineering
ENCN 371 Project and Infrastructure Management
ENFO 327 Wood Science
ENNR 320 Integrated Catchment Analysis or ENCI 335 Structural Analyses
FORE 316 Forest Management
FORE 342 Geospatial Science in Forest Monitoring and Management

Note: A student is required to attend the Second Professional Examination Camp. Work at the camp will form part of the assessment for ENCN 371 Infrastructure Management.

Third Professional Examination
FORE 422 Forest Harvest Planning
FORE 423 Forest Transportation and Road Design
ENFO 410 Forest Engineering Research (30 points)
Sufficient courses selected from:
FORE 426 Forest Products Marketing and International Trade
FORE 435 Advanced Forest Economics 2
FORE 443 Biosecurity Risk Management
ENGR 403 Fire Engineering
ENGR 406 Wood and Engineered Wood Products Processing
ENNR 423 Sustainable Energy Systems
ENCN 415 Pavement Engineering
ENCN 452 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
ENGE 412 Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
Any 15 point 400-level option to be approved by the Director of Studies
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