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Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2017 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website).

See also General Course and Examination Regulations.

Subjects in which the Degree may be Awarded; Course Prerequisites

The subjects for the degree, the prerequisites and other information relating to the course of study in particular subjects are listed in the Schedule to these Regulations.

Qualifications Required to Enrol in the Degree

Every candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours in a given subject, before enrolling in a course of study for the degree, shall have:

qualified for a Bachelor's degree and either
satisfied the prerequisites for the subject as specified in the Schedule to these Regulations; or
completed a qualifying course prescribed by the Head of Department and approved by the Dean of Arts of a standard equivalent to the prerequisite courses; or
provided evidence to the satisfaction of the Dean and Head of Department, of relevant professional practice or other work experience; or
been admitted under the Regulations for admission ad eundem statum as entitled to enrol for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours; or
for the subject Social Work, have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work; and
been approved as a candidate for the degree in that subject by the Dean of Arts.

Note: Relevance and standard of undergraduate studies are the main criteria for approval.

Course of Study Requirements

A candidate shall be assessed on the basis of such written examinations, oral examinations, and other work as shall be prescribed for the subject offered, provided that the total amount of work submitted for the course of study shall be the equivalent of at least 1.0 EFTS and no more than 1.25 EFTS. Candidates shall not concurrently enrol in additional undergraduate courses except with the permission of the Dean of Arts.

The course of study shall satisfy the following conditions:

No candidate for the degree shall graduate who has failed more than one of the courses offered.
A candidate may, with the approval of the Dean and the relevant Programme Coordinators, substitute courses at an equivalent level from another subject area or subject areas, up to a maximum of 0.5 EFTS.
At the discretion of the examiners, a candidate may be orally examined on the topic of the courses or other work; such an oral examination, as distinct from a prescribed oral examination, may be taken into consideration in regarded as a separate component of the degree examination
No candidate shall enrol for the degree in any subject in which he or she has already qualified for the award of one of the following degrees: Bachelor of Science with Honours, Master of Science, Bachelor of Commerce with Honours, Master of Commerce, Master of Arts.
A candidate who has presented Part I of a Master of Arts degree in terms of Regulation 3 for that degree, but who has not submitted Part II, may apply to the Dean of Arts for the award of the Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree, provided that Part I of the Master of Arts degree satisfies the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in that subject.
No candidate may repeat a course having previously presented himself/herself for examination, except that if a candidate's performance in that course has been seriously impaired by illness or other circumstances, the Academic Board may permit the candidate to sit that course at one further examination.
No candidate may enrol for the degree in a subject for a second time, having previously presented himself/herself for examination in that subject at BA(Hons) or MA level or for any other degree at honours or master's level.
A candidate who having commenced study for the degree withdraws from all or part of the course without completing the assessment requirements may not re-enrol without the permission of the Academic Board.
A candidate may qualify for the award of a second or subsequent BA(Hons) degree (consecutive honours) by passing a complete BA(Hons) programme in a second subject.
Time Limits

The course of study for the BA(Hons) is normally one year; part-time enrolment is permitted provided that the course of study shall be completed within four calendar years from first enrolment in the BA(Hons) degree.

Class of Honours

There shall be three classes of Honours: First Class Honours, Second Class Honours and Third Class Honours. Second Class Honours shall be awarded in two divisions: Division 1 and Division 2.

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