The Degree of Bachelor of Music (MusB - 360 points)

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2018 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website). Find key terms in the Glossary of terms.

The Degree of Bachelor of Music (MusB - 360 points)

Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Music

These regulations must be read in conjunction with the General Regulations for the University.


These Regulations came into force on 1 January 2018.


In exceptional circumstances the Dean of Arts (Academic) may approve a personal programme of study which does not conform to these regulations.

The structure of the qualification
To qualify for the Bachelor of Music:
a student must pass courses having a minimum total value of 360 points, and;
at least 240 points must be from the Music courses listed in Schedule C to these regulations, including all courses listed in Schedule A to these regulations, and
the remaining 120 points may be for courses from any undergraduate degree schedule of University.
Within the structure outlined in regulation 3 (a) a student must pass courses to the value of;
no more than 135 points at 100-level;
at least 90 points at 300-level, of which at least 60 points must be from Music courses.
Within the provisions outlined above a student must satisfy the requirements for at least one Major listed in Schedule B of these regulations.
Admission to the qualification

A student must satisfy the Regulations for Admission to the University. In addition, enrolment in Performance courses offered by the School of Music shall be subject to auditions.


This qualification may be awarded with majors. Requirements for those majors are listed in Schedule B to these regulations. Minors are not available to the Bachelor of Music.

Time limits

This qualification adheres to the General Regulations for the University with a time limit of 10 years.

Transfers of credit, substitutions and cross-credits

This qualification adheres to the General Conditions for Credit and Transfer Regulations, with no additional stipulations.

This qualification adheres to the General Regulations for the University, with the following stipulations:
A student who demonstrates comprehensive competence in the content covered by MUSA 100 may, with the permission of the Head of School, substitute another course from Schedule B.
A student may only repeat MUSA 141, MUSA 142, MUSA 241, MUSA 242, MUSA 341, MUSA 342, MUSA 143 or MUSA 243 with permission of the Head of School.
Honours, Distinction and Merit

Honours, Distinction and Merit are not awarded for this qualification.

Pathways to other qualifications
There are no qualifications to which credit can be transferred from this degree.
A student who has not met the requirements for the MusB may to apply to the Dean of Arts (Academic) for admission to the Certificate in Arts provided that they meet the regulations for that qualification.
Transition regulation

A student who enrolled in the Degree of Bachelor of Music for the first time prior to 1 January 2018 is not required to include MUSA 150 in their degree.