Schedule to the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2018 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website). Find key terms in the Glossary of terms.

Schedule to the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws


  1. In the case of a student to whom Regulation 8(b)ii or 8(c) applies, LAWS 101 and LAWS 110 are not prerequisites for LAWS 200-level and 300-level courses. In the case of a student to whom Regulation 8(b)ii or 8(c) does not apply, LAWS 101 and LAWS 110 are prerequisites for all 200-level and 300-level courses.
  2. All students intending to enrol in limited entry courses (including students awaiting the outcome of transfer of credit applications) must apply to enrol by the deadline published for limited entry LAWS courses in the Guide to Enrolment and on the School of Law website.

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Group A: All courses compulsory

Note: LAWS 202–206 are limited entry courses – refer to the Enrolment Regulations.

Course Code Course Title
LAWS 101 Legal System: Legal Method and Institutions
LAWS 110 Legal Foundations, Research and Writing
LAWS 202 Criminal Law
LAWS 203 The Law of Contract
LAWS 204 The Law of Torts
LAWS 205 Land Law
LAWS 206 Public Law
LAWS 301 Equity and Trusts

Group B: Optional courses

Course Code Course Title
LAWS 102 Law, Justice and Morality

300-level courses

Note: LAWS 339, LAWS 359, LAWS 382, LAWS 386, and LAWS 387 are limited entry courses or courses requiring a special application – refer to the Enrolment Regulations. Not all courses may be offered in any one year. A student should consult the Course Catalogue or the School of Law as to which courses are to be offered.

Course Code Course Title
LAWS 303 Advanced Employment Law
LAWS 305 Company Law
LAWS 307 The Principles of Evidence
LAWS 309 Child and Family Law
LAWS 310 Relationship Property and Family Finance
LAWS 314 Environmental Law, Policy and Society
LAWS 315 Transnational Criminal Law
LAWS 319 Environmental Law, Conservation and the Public Interest
LAWS 320 NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990
LAWS 321 International Criminal Law
LAWS 322 International Human Rights
LAWS 323 Immigration and Refugee Law
LAWS 324 Principles of Public International Law
LAWS 325 Occupational Safety Law
LAWS 326 Treaty Settlement Negotiations
LAWS 327 International Environmental Law
LAWS 328 Special Topic: Moot Court Competition on WTO Law
LAWS 330 Intellectual Property Law
LAWS 331 Commercial Law I: Sales and Consumer Law
LAWS 332 Commercial Law II: Personal Property Security and Credit
LAWS 334 New Zealand and Colonial Legal History
LAWS 335 Insolvency Law
LAWS 336 Antarctic Legal Studies
LAWS 337 Criminal Justice
LAWS 338 World Trade Law
LAWS 339 Negotiation and the Lawyer
LAWS 341 Insurance Law
LAWS 343 International Institutions
LAWS 344 Gender and the Law
LAWS 346 Law of Agency
LAWS 348 Research Project
LAWS 349 Computers and the Law
LAWS 350 Competition Law
LAWS 351 Law and Sport
LAWS 352 Selected Issues in Taxation
LAWS 354 Judicial Review
LAWS 355 European Union Law
LAWS 356 Special Topic: Selected Topics in Natural Resource Law
LAWS 358 The Rights of Indigenous Peoples
LAWS 359 Trial Advocacy
LAWS 360 Jurisprudence
LAWS 361 Issues in Jurisprudence
LAWS 362 Natural Disasters and the Law
LAWS 363 Individual Employment Law
LAWS 364 Law of the Sea
LAWS 365 Issues in Policing, Prosecution and Alternatives to Prosecution
LAWS 366 Sentencing Theory and Practice
LAWS 370 Problems in International and Regional Trade
LAWS 371 International Investment Law and Arbitration
LAWS 373 Washington Internship
LAWS 376 Resource Management Act 1991: Selected Issues
LAWS 378 Genetics, Neuroscience and the Criminal Law
LAWS 380 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Law and Procedure
LAWS 381 Landlord and Tenant
LAWS 382 Legal Internship
LAWS 383 Law and Medicine
LAWS 384 Legislation: Law-Making for the 21st Century
LAWS 385 Advanced Intellectual Property Law
LAWS 386 Clinical Legal Studies
LAWS 387 Advanced Public Law
LAWS 388 European Public Law
LAWS 390 Private International Law
LAWS 391 Maori Land Law
LAWS 392 The Treaty of Waitangi
LAWS 393 Advanced Land Law
LAWS 396 Media Law
LAWS 397 Civil Litigation
LAWS 398 Legal Ethics