Schedule C to the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2018 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website). Find key terms in the Glossary of terms.

Schedule C to the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce

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Note: In the past many courses below were prefixed with ACCY or AFIS or ACIS. From 2011, the prefix was changed to ACCT and all courses changed to 15 points.

Course Code Course Title
ACCT 102 Accounting and Financial Information
ACCT 103 Accounting and Taxation: An Introduction
ACCT 152 Law and Business
ACCT 211 Financial Accounting
ACCT 212 Accountants: skills, attributes and practice
ACCT 222 Management Accounting
ACCT 252 Law of Business Contracts
ACCT 254 Taxation
ACCT 256 Law of Business Organisations
ACCT 311 Financial Accounting: Theory & Practice
ACCT 312 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT 316 Public Management and Governance
ACCT 332 Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT 340 Social and Environmental Reporting
ACCT 341 Public Accounting and Finance
ACCT 342 Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting
ACCT 346 Auditing
ACCT 356 Advanced Auditing
ACCT 358 Advanced Issues in Taxation
ACCT 359 Further Issues in Advanced Taxation
ACCT 365 Special Topic
ACCT 367 Special Topic
ACCT 368 Special Topic
ACCT 369 Special Topic
ACCT 390 Accounting Internship


Course Code Course Title
BSNS 201 Special Topic: Business and Culture
BSNS 290 Special Topic: Enterprise in Practice - Project

Computer Science

Course Code Course Title
COSC 101 Working in a Digital World
COSC 121 Introduction to Computer Programming
COSC 122 Introduction to Computer Science
COSC 241 Special Topic
COSC 242 Special Topic
COSC 243 Special Topic
COSC 261 Formal Languages and Compilers
COSC 262 Algorithms
COSC 264 Introduction to Computer Networks and the Internet
COSC 265 Relational Database Systems
COSC 362 Data and Network Security
COSC 363 Computer Graphics
COSC 364 Internet Technology and Engineering
COSC 366 Research Project
COSC 367 Artificial Intelligence
COSC 368 Humans and Computers
COSC 371 Special Topic
COSC 372 Special Topic
ENCE 260 Computer Systems
ENCE 360 Operating Systems
ENCE 361 Embedded Systems 1
SENG 201 Software Engineering I
SENG 301 Software Engineering II
SENG 302 Software Engineering Group Project
SENG 365 Web Computing Architectures


Course Code Course Title
ECON 104 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 105 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 199 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 206 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 207 Intermediate Microeconomics - Households and Government
ECON 208 Intermediate Microeconomics - Firms and Markets
ECON 213 Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 214 Data Analytics for Business Economics
ECON 222 International Trade
ECON 223 Introduction to Game Theory for Business, Science and Politics
ECON 225 Environmental Economics
ECON 228 Study Tour to South America
ECON 310 Economic Thinking for Business
ECON 314 Special Topic: Economic Analysis of "Big Data"
ECON 321 Microeconomic Analysis
ECON 323 Time Series Methods
ECON 324 Econometrics
ECON 325 Macroeconomic Analysis
ECON 326 Macro and Monetary Economics
ECON 327 Economic Analysis of Law
ECON 329 Industrial Organisation
ECON 330 Strategic Behaviour of Firms
ECON 331 Financial Economics
ECON 332 Economics and Psychology
ECON 333 Experimental Economics
ECON 334 Labour Economics
ECON 335 Public Economics 1
ECON 338 Health Economics Overview
ECON 339 The Economics of European Integration
ECON 340 Development Economics
ECON 341 Economics of Education
ECON 342 Economic History
ECON 343 Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property
ECON 344 International Finance
ECON 345 The Economics of Risk and Insurance
ECON 390 Internship or Consultancy Project


Course Code Course Title
FINC 101 Personal Finance
FINC 201 Business Finance
FINC 203 Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments
FINC 205 Quantitative Finance
FINC 301 Corporate Finance Theory and Policy
FINC 302 Applied Corporate Finance
FINC 305 Financial Modelling
FINC 308 Applied Financial Analysis and Valuation
FINC 311 Investments
FINC 312 Derivative Securities
FINC 316 Fixed Income Securities
FINC 323 Time Series Methods
FINC 331 Financial Economics
FINC 344 International Finance
FINC 345 The Economics of Risk and Insurance
FINC 370 Special Topic: Energy Financing
FINC 390 Internship or Consultancy Project

Information Systems

Note: In the past many courses below were prefixed with ACCT or AFIS or ACIS. From 2011, the prefix was changed to INFO and all the courses changed to either 15 points or 30 points.

Course Code Course Title
INFO 123 Information Systems and Technology
INFO 125 Introduction to Programming with Databases
INFO 213 Object-Oriented Systems Development
INFO 223 Business Systems Analysis
INFO 243 Accounting Information Systems
INFO 253 Internet Business and Technology
INFO 260 Special Topic
INFO 261 Special Topic
INFO 263 Web Design and Development
INFO 333 IT Risk and Security Management
INFO 343 IT Governance and Strategy
INFO 353 Contemporary Issues in Information Systems
INFO 360 Business Process Management
INFO 361 Business Intelligence Systems for Organisations
INFO 362 Special Topic
INFO 363 Special Topic
INFO 369 Special Topic
INFO 390 Information Systems Internship
INFO 393 Information Systems Project Management


Course Code Course Title
LAWS 355 European Union Law


Course Code Course Title
MGMT 100 Fundamentals of Management
MGMT 170 Managerial Decision Making
MGMT 206 Organisational Behaviour
MGMT 207 Principles of Human Resource Management
MGMT 208 Principles of Leadership
MGMT 221 International Business
MGMT 223 Innovation Management
MGMT 228 Chinese Business Practices and Culture (study tour)
MGMT 230 Business, Society and the Environment
MGMT 240 Business Communication for the Global Age
MGMT 270 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
MGMT 271 Operations Management Processes
MGMT 281 Business Research Methods
MGMT 301 Leading Change and Innovation
MGMT 303 Leading and Managing People: Essential Employment Frameworks
MGMT 304 Management Skills for a Diverse Workforce
MGMT 306 Team Leadership
MGMT 308 Advanced Human Resource Management
MGMT 324 International Entrepreneurship
MGMT 330 Communication Management
MGMT 331 Learning and Development in Organisations
MGMT 332 International Management
MGMT 333 Managing Corporate Responsibility
MGMT 334 Negotiation for Business
MGMT 335 Special Topic: Business and Sustainability
MGMT 342 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
MGMT 343 Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 344 Strategic Management
MGMT 345 Strategy Processes and Practices
MGMT 370 Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management
MGMT 371 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
MGMT 372 Project Management
MGMT 373 Quality Management
MGMT 390 Management Internship


Course Code Course Title
MKTG 100 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 201 Marketing Management
MKTG 202 Marketing Research
MKTG 204 Consumer Behaviour
MKTG 205 Services Marketing and Management
MKTG 230 Business, Society and the Environment
MKTG 305 Strategic Marketing
MKTG 307 Advertising and Promotion Management
MKTG 309 International Marketing
MKTG 310 Customer Experience
MKTG 311 Retail Marketing
MKTG 314 Tourism Marketing and Management
MKTG 315 Marketing for Behavioural Change
MKTG 316 Digital Marketing
MKTG 317 Sustainable Tourism Enterprises and Destinations
MKTG 390 Marketing Internship

Mathematics and Statistics

These subjects are not available as a major for the BCom, but the courses can be counted towards the degree. A maximum of 60 points in Mathematics and Statistics at 100 and 200-level may be included in the 255 points required for courses in this Schedule.