Undergraduate Prospectus

For those who are planning to enter university, as well as their families, and schools' careers advisors.

A comprehensive guide to life and study at the University of Canterbury (UC), including information on accommodation, admissions, student support and study options across the whole academic portfolio.

Interactive PDF sections of the Undergraduate Prospectus

You can download sections of the publication below. These pdf documents have clickable links and cross references to help you find the information you want or need.

  1. Welcome and why UC pp 1–17 (PDF, 815 KB)
  2. Accommodation pp 20–22 (PDF, 188 KB)
  3. Life at UC pp 19–25 (PDF, 424 KB)
  4. Enrol pp 27-31 (PDF, 221 KB)
  5. Plan your degree pp 33-60 (PDF, 1.01 MB)
  6. Subject guide pp 62–137 (PDF, 1.25 MB)

Hard copy of the 2018 Undergraduate Prospectus

Order a print copy by phoning or emailing the Contact Centre.

Publication date

May (annually)

Further information

  • Would you like individual course advice or answers to any other queries you may have about first-time study? Please contact UC Student Liaison (Liaison Office website).
  • Are you interested in one area of study in particular? The range of introductory brochures provide more in-depth information on that area - view or download the Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Health, Law and/or Science brochures.
  • Now that you know what you would like to study are you ready to look ahead to enrolment? For information about enrolment, see the Guide to Enrolment.