Pasifika Postgraduate Symposium - Pacific Students - University of Canterbury - New Zealand


Pasifika Research Symposium

Our Perspectives, Our Journey, Our Legacy - Considering Community Connections.


Date: Thursday 28th and Friday 29th August 2014

2014 Pasifika Research Symposium Programme
(Please note that there maybe some late changes to be made with the programme)
Undercroft Seminar Room, James Hight Building



The Pasifika Research Symposium is a two day seminar with its main objective being to attract and inspire more Pasifika students to progress to postgraduate qualifications. We also desire to encourage our Pasifika people working in the community to listen and support our Pasifika postgraduate student panels and consider the merits of postgraduate studies for transformative change in our Pasifika communities.
This space is always colourful and often emotive as Pasifika share our journeys in search of those significant connecters between mind and soul, action and reaction, academic theory and practical application.

“We recognise that Pasifika research may take our Pasifika voices, issues, solutions, aspirations and credibility to a higher level and into influential spaces that we may not have been invited
to before. Therein lies the potential of evidence based postgraduate studies…”


If you have any questions about the Pasifika Symposium, please feel free to contact Pauline Luafutu-Simpson.

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson
Acting Director
37 Creyke Rd
+64 3 369 3561 ext 93561