Pasifika Student House - Pacific Students - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Pasifika Law Students' Space

Room 114a, Business and Law Building

The space occasionally will be used for UC Pasifika Law Students' Society events: such as morning teas, mentoring/tutoring sessions and exec meetings/AGMS, we will also be keeping it open for late night study sessions around exams. However, its most common use will be as a pasifika student space, where students can find a quiet place to study either on their own or in a group with other pasifika students who are likely studying law/criminal justice or commerce (as we are in the business and law building, all students are welcome to use the room, we are trying to create a homely type space). 

resources in the room include: a whiteboard with pens, tables and chairs, Notes for 200 level laws from an honours student who donated them to us last year, power points for laptop use/charging phones etc 

We have an open door policy with the room, so people can come and use it as they please.