Support for Postgraduate Students - Pacific Students - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Support for Postgraduate Students

There are a number of services available for postgraduate students:


A Postgraduate Welcome is held monthly throughout the year. These sessions are designed both for students who have transferred from another institution, and students who completed their undergraduate studies at UC.

Canterbury Postgraduate Students Association (PGSA)

The PGSA is a student-run governing body that is focused on shaping the postgraduate student experience at the University of Canterbury. The PGSA sponsors both social and academic events, provides financial support for student organisations, and supports campus wide initiatives that directly influence the postgraduate student body.

Postgraduate events, seminars and lectures

Check your college, school and departmental websites for lectures and seminars that may come up. The Dean of Postgraduate Research sends out an email memo to all thesis students once every two weeks detailing upcoming workshops and seminars.

Postgraduate student mentoring scheme

The postgraduate student mentoring scheme is for PhD students at UC. Your mentor will help you with any questions you might have about starting out on a PhD and settling into life at UC. Find out more about Mentoring programmes at UC.