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UC Pasifika Strategy 2014-2018

UC Pasifika Strategy

University of Canterbury Pasifika Strategy 2014 - 2018

UC Pasifika Strategy 2014-2018

With the current Pacific Plan 2010-2013 expiring at the end of 2013, the Vice Chancellor approved the development of a Pasifika Strategy earlier this year to replace the existing Pacific Plan. An advisory group was established in May to review the current Pacific Plan and develop it into a Pasifika Strategy.

The first draft Pasifika Strategy was presented to the Senior Management Team for feedback in August. It was fully endorsed by the Senior Management Team and approved to proceed to the University Council.

Strategy Presentation to SMT

In September the Pasifika Strategy 2014-2018 was fully endorsed and approved by the University Council. To highlight this significant milestone a special celebration was held on Thursday 27 November to officially launch the Pasifika Strategy.

Pasifika Strategy Advisory Group

The Pasifika Strategy Advisory Group, established in May this year and chaired by the Director of Pacific Development to review the current Pacific Plan and develop it into a Pasifika Strategy, meets every 3-4 weeks. The strategy group is made up of representatives from each College, community representatives, Pacific staff and strategic planning staff.

PaSAG Members

VIP UC Pasifika Launch
Performance Pasifika Strategy Launch
Presentation to the Chancellor
Ava Ceremony by Students

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson is the Acting Director of Pasifika.

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson
Acting Director
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