Becoming the best version of yourself at UC

13 December 2016

University of Canterbury student Jordan Maher is graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours this week. The Pasifika student shared his journey with us

University of Canterbury student Jordan Maher is graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree this week. The Pasifika student shared his journey with us:

Straight out of high school at the beginning of 2013, I naively chose to take on the challenge of a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury (UC). If I had known then the trials and tribulations which I would go through over the next four years, testing my willpower, work ethic and learning capabilities, as well as the extremely long nights and brutally early mornings, would I have still done it? Absolutely! Studying Engineering fit me to a tee, challenging me in every way I found stimulating, and always inspired me to do more and progress daily as a person.

Throughout my journey at UC I met and worked alongside some great classmates and was guided by lecturers from a fantastic Engineering department, which I am extremely thankful for. To my close friends and family, my parents, my brother, aunties and uncles, cousins, grandparents and of course my wonderful girlfriend – I thank you all so very much for your amazing, unconditional love and support! I definitely would not be where I am today if not for you all.

Throughout my studies I have not only explored and expanded my academic knowledge and abilities but I have discovered and pursued a true passion of mine, fitness. In high school I was always playing sport, always had a training to go to, and was always active. But when I arrived at university I realised that the things I used to do no longer satisfied my need to push myself and achieve more, leading me in search of a new challenge – marathon running and endurance sports. I have run four marathons over the last two years and am a soon to be (touch wood) ironman triathlete. The countless hours of training and hard work have really shaped my character to who I feel I truly am, and have also drastically improved my time management skills!

The nature of unachievable greatness in endurance sports as well as engineering studies resonated with me on a number of levels – in that you will never be the absolute best, there will always be someone better or smarter in one way or another, we can only ask to be the best version of ourselves and of that we should be proud.

My advice to future or current students would be this: make sure you do what you love and do it well, try and wake up every morning excited for the day ahead and never be afraid to ask for help. Always apply yourself and even when some tasks seem daunting take them one step at a time and you might just surprise yourself!

Thanks again to my family and UC for this amazing opportunity, now on to the next adventure!

UC Graduation Ceremonies, 14 and 16 December 2016 in the Horncastle Arena as follows:

Wednesday 14 December

  • 10am Colleges and Faculties of Engineering & Forestry, and Arts 
  • 2pm College of Education, Health and Human Development

Friday 16 December

  • 10am Colleges of Law & Commerce and Science).

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