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Below is a list of courses students can enrol in to gain work-integrated learning experience through working with local businesses, organisations or community groups. Please note that many of the degree programmes and courses listed below have pre-requisites.

School of Business and Economics

Accounting, Economics and Finance

ACCT390 Accounting Internship
Students individually complete a 100 hour project or internship that builds on the accounting knowledge and expertise that they have gained in earlier accounting courses.

ECON390 Economics Internship

An internship is an opportunity to experience a professional work environment. As these are econonics placements, priority is given to economics majors.

FINC390 Finance Internship

An internship is an opportunity to experience a professional work environment. As these are econonics placements, priority is given to finance majors.

Information Systems

INFO253 - Internet Business and Technology
An introduction to Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) principles and practices based on the relationship between business development and strategy, internet technology and the social and legal environment. The course examines a range of internet technologies including social media and mobile technologies focusing on how organisations can use these to improve their performance and relationships with customers and suppliers.

INFO390 Information Systems Internship
Students complete a real-world information systems project in the form of an internship or a project for a client that enables the further development of knowledge and expertise in information systems related subjects.


MGMT208 Principles of Leadership
A course that takes a holistic look at managerial leadership and examines the tasks and skills of leadership with a particular focus on the emerging discipline of positive leadership.

MGMT223 Innovation Management
This course introduces the theories and practices of innovation management. The course examines areas including the role of innovation for growth and wealth creation, effective innovation processes and the associated management issues, and the characteristics of innovative organisations.

MGMT373 and MSCI373 Quality Management
A course about how to manage quality with an emphasis on statistical quality control that covers a number of topics such as: an overview of quality management, problem solving tools, statistical process control, design of experiments and six sigma quality. Many of the topics covered in this course are part of standard certified Six Sigma Black Belt course curriculum.

MGMT390 Management Internship

An internship is an opportunity to experience a professional work environment. As these are management placements priority is given to students taking a major in either Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, Operations and Supply Chain Managment or Strategy and Entrepreneurship.


MKTG305 Strategic Marketing:
This course takes a managerial perspective and focuses on strategic decisions relating to the analysis, development, implementation, and control of marketing strategies needed to gain and sustain an organisation's competitive advantage. Students learn various strategic tools and techniques that assist in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies. New approaches to marketing practice are also covered. Instructional methods include the use of case studies and a group-based project.

MKTG307 Advertising and Promotion Management
An introduction course to the fundamentals of advertising and promotion that covers the societal and managerial uses of advertising as a means of symbol formation and communication. Lectures, class exercises, discussions, and videos will be used to explore topics of interest. Students will be involved in developing and presenting a comprehensive, promotional campaign for a product or service.

MKTG311 Retail Marketing
This course examines the fundamentals of retail marketing including the characteristics of consumer store choice, the role of retailing in the overall marketing concept, and the practice and future of retailing in New Zealand.

MKTG390 Marketing Internship

An internship placement is an opportunity to experience a professional work environment. As these are marketing placments, priority is given to marketing majors.


MBM Master of Business Management
A one year postgraduate degree that develops the skills, competencies and knowledge indicated by industry as necessary for successful strategic business management within a global economy. All students are required to undertake a substantial research project or applied internship as part of this degree.

MBA Master of Business Administration
This postgraduate degree is focused on the development of responsible leadership, business acumen, strategic perspective and innovation. All MBA graduates must undertake a substantial applied project.

MBIS Master of Business Information Systems

This postgraduate degree equips you with the systems knowledge and skills to challenge information and technology management practices, engage with business processes and deliver innovative systems solutions. All students complete either a research project or an internship.

MPA Master of Professional Accounting
The MPA programme is designed to provide students will skills, competencies and knowledge in a number of core business, accounting and management areas. Graduates of this programme are able to undertake an entry level professional accounting role within an organisation. Entry into the MPA programme requires no prior knowledge of accounting. The programme includes a Research Project or Internship where students will have an opportunity to apply theories to practice.  

School of Law


LAW373 Washington Internship

Enrolment is open to recipients of Washington Internship only. In any year only two awards will be made. Application details are available from the School of Law.

LAWS382Legal Internship
Study of theoretical and practical issues relating to legal services.

LAWS386 Clinical Legal Studies
The Clinical Legal Studies course provides students with applied legal skills and selected management skills training in a context that replicates actual legal practice in the business and legal services environment.

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