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The Co-curricular Record (CCR) is an initiative at UC that recognises the skills and competencies you gain from your participation in pre-approved activities outside of your academic study.

You can participate in CCR by logging into CareerHub.

See the How to Guide on creating your Co-curricular Record.

Get a record of your involvement in co-curricular activities

After completing a minimum of 12 hours in CCR activities, you can apply to have your experiences validated. This will include a reflection statement from you to express what skills and competencies you have developed through your participation in the activity. You can use your CCR to compliment your application when looking for job opportunities, scholarships, study abroad experiences or just because you want to! And that reflection statement will come in handy to help you answer some job interivew questions. Now you'll feel much more confident presenting yourself to the employment market!

See CCR activities for the current list of activities you can claim recognition for.

Develop work-readiness skills through participating in UC activities

The CCR is your opportunity to develop work-readiness skills and UC’s Graduate Attributes. Participating in pre-approved UC activities will prepare you with the skills employers seek from graduates.

Using the CCR is a great way to show employers how you have gone beyond study and engaged with UC and the wider community.

See the Skill development outcomes you can gain experience in by taking part.

Are you actively involved in the UC community? Take the opportunity, sign up for CCR and make your out-of-class activities count.