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11 July 2018

Not happy with your grades last semester. Planning to turn it all around in the second half of the year? Get started!

  • Get Started with the library

Join us in our 15 minute online workshops on finding articles and APA referencing to nail those essential skills of:

  • finding good resources
  • and referencing them properly

The workshops are offered between Monday 23 - Friday 27 July with sessions at a range of times so you can log in from home, from the café or on your lunchbreak at work!

Book your Get Started workshop here.

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image of the week 16 July 2018

image of the week 16 July 2018

Welcome back from your semester break

image of the week 9 July 2018

image of the week 9 July 2018

Mid-winter: perfect time for an outdoor bath!