Pictures and images

Before you insert a picture into your document, check the copyright status of the image to determine whether permission is required to reproduce the image. How you reference an image depends on where you originally got the image from. If it came from:

  • A book - reference it as you would a book
  • A journal - reference it as you would a journal article
  • A web page - reference it as you would for a web page.

Online image example

Basic format for an image retrieved online

Author, I. I. (Year of publication). Title of image [Format]. Retrieved from http://www..., e.g.

Nelson, M. (2017). The toyota Concept-i vehicle at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on 5 January 2017 [photograph]. Retrieved from

For more information see Navigating copyright for reproduced images on the APA Style Blog.