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There are many options available for you to visit the UC campus including Open Day (Thursday 13 July during the School Holidays) and guided or self-guided campus tours. You can get more information on these options by visiting the Campus Tours and Future Student Events page.

To book a guided campus tour please fill out the following form. Please note, a minimum of one week’s notice is required and each tour is restricted in numbers.

The Campus tours start at 9.15 am. If a Hall Tour is requested your itinerary will end at 3.45pm. Please ensure you book your travel to accommodate these times.

Once we have processed your campus visit request, an itinerary will be sent to you to confirm your tour. This will be sent to the email address you provide in the form below.

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Accommodation tours

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Accommodation options

Your tour includes five first-year halls of residence:

  • University Hall
  • College House
  • Bishop Julius Hall
  • Rochester & Rutherford Hall
  • Kirkwood Avenue Hall

If applying for College House, an interview is required.  Please contact College House directly on 03 364 2001 to arrange an interview time.

If you are interested in touring -Ilam Apartments (self-catered), Sonoda Christchurch Campus (self-catered), Waimairi Village (self-catered), or Waitākiri Village (fully-catered) - please contact the accommodation provider directly yourself to arrange a tour.
Please choose your most preferred subject area:

On dates indicated in red, we will arrange a visit to this area. Please note that due to time available these are limited to two key subject areas (Engineering and Product Design tours require the full time slot each, so if you select Engineering or Product Design, that will be the sole area for the visit).

Please indicate which discipline(s) you are most interested in (maximum of 3) with preferred order by dragging them into the top box.

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    • Sociology
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    • Te Reo Māori
    • Digital Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (DASH)
    • Professional and Community Engagement

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      • Chemical and Process Engineering
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        • Applied Immersive Game Design
        • Chemical and Healthcare Product Formulation
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          • Mathematics
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