Computer workrooms

PC and Mac computers are available in computer workrooms and libraries for use by UC students. Use your UC username and password to login into computer workroom machines to access:

Use the UC Finder app to find the location of a computer workroom. UC Finder can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

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Software packages include:

  • Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers
  • Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Visio and InfoPath
  • Adobe Reader
  • File compression tools
  • Image editors
  • Audio editors
  • Video editors
  • Statistical analysis tools
  • And more Windows, Apple and specialty software.

See the full list of standard and course specific software available on PCs and Macs on the Software on computer room machines page.

Ilam campus computer workroom locations

CampusLocation HoursPCMacBookable for class useCanterbury Card reload station
Central Library        level 2 Open library hours 160  no yes
level 3  20 0 no no
level 4  20 0 no no
level 6  4 0 no no
level 8  4 0 no no
level 9  4  0 no no
level 10  4 0 no no
level 11  4 0 no no
EPS Library   level 1 Open library hours    38 0 no yes
level 2  10 0 no no
level 3  25 0 no no
Macmillan Brown level 2 Open library hours 16 0 no yes
Kirkwood Village  KC01 Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm   36 0 yes no
KC03  36 0 yes no
Erskine   level 0, Room 001 Open 24/7  70 0 yes no
level 0, Room 010 Closed until further notice  0 28 yes yes
level 2, Room 248 Now Open 24/7  52 yes no 
Rutherford  level 5, Room 542 Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm  19 yes no 
Logie  Logie 213 Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm 0 20  yes  no 
Logie 214  0 33  yes  no 

Dovedale campus computer workroom locations

CampusLocation HoursPCMacBookable for class useCanterbury Card reload station
Kotuku  level 1, Room 101 Open 24/7  60 0 yes no 
Otakaro level 2, Room 205 Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm  0 27  yes  no 
Education Library   Open library hours 27  no  yes 

The Māori language keyboard is published to workroom computers through “Software Center” via the Start menu.

1. Click Start button and Type “Software Centre” and click on the application to open it. Please note: It can take up to a minute for the software centre to show all of the application available for you to install.

2. In the Search dialogue (top right hand corner) Type “UC Maori Language” and press enter.

Māori keyboard Software Centre

3. Click on the application icon and select the install button.

Using Macrons

Now you can easily enter a macronised vowel by pressing ` (the key with ~ on it) and then the vowel.

For example

Māori Keyboard macron A Māori Keyboard Macron

To get the acute sign ( ` ), push the button twice

`a = ā

To enter a macronised capital vowel, press `, then hold down shift and press the vowel, e.g.

`A = Ā

Note: You don't have to hold down ` while you press the vowel, just press ` then press the vowel.

Your Canterbury Card allows after hours access to some computer workrooms. Keep your card with you at all times while using the workrooms, as it may be requested by security personnel.