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What is a Study Abroad Programme?

Overseas students may apply to enrol as a Study Abroad student for one or more semesters. Study Abroad students are required to pay a set fee.

Study Abroad students may either make applications directly to the University of Canterbury or through a Study Abroad programme based in their home country.

We offer a Certificate of Proficiency for courses completed, which can be taken back to your own university as a component of your degree there. Although there is seldom any problem, it is important for you to check that the courses you propose to take are acceptable for credit in your home university.

Some UC courses run first semester, some second semester, and others are full year courses. You will need to check when applying that the courses you wish to take are available for the semester you wish to be here. Visit the Courses and Subjects page, select the course you want to do and check when the course is available.


  • Some courses may not be available to Study Abroad students. These include Fine Arts (studio art) courses, many teacher education courses, physical education courses and clinical practice courses.
  • If you need to know in advance whether you are able to take a particular course, please include a course list in your Study Abroad application. All postgraduate students should provide a complete list of courses they wish to enrol in.
  • A standard workload is 60 points per semester, and although different courses have different points values, in most cases each course will be 15 points. A normal full-time programme for a semester would be three or four courses.