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International Relationships Office

Level 3, Matariki
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 364 2459
Fax: +64 3 364 2171

Emergency contact

For assistance with a medical emergency or critical incident telephone: 366 7001 (IDD: +64 3 366 7001)

  • Ext. 6402 (during working hours)
  • Ext. 6111 (after hours & public holidays)

Rhiannon McKenzie-Smit

Associate Director of International Growth Strategies
Internal Phone: 93862

Anna Staikopoulos

International Relationships Office Administrator
Internal Phone: 93747

Anna Foster

Study Abroad and Exchange Manager
Matariki L3 Sth
Internal Phone: 93893

Percy Chan

Matariki L3 Sth
Internal Phone: 93876

Kelsey Bilek

International Mobility Officer
Internal Phone: 93877

Will Shannon

International Partnerships Coordinator
Internal Phone: 93753

James Waghorn

Recruitment areas: The Middle East, Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Internal Phone: 93861

Jean Williamson

Recruitment areas: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Internal Phone: 93955

Elizabeth Zou

Recruitment area: China
Internal Phone: 93860

Pooja Malik

Recruitment area: India in-country activities

Allen Huang

Recruitment area: China

Sandeep Sharma

Recruitment area: India
Internal Phone: 94543

Rachelle C'Ailceta

International Applications Team Leader
Internal Phone: 93859

Michelle Brigham

Applications Advisor
Internal Phone: 93973

Sonam Khan

Applications Advisor
Internal Phone: 94039

Emma Li

Applications Advisor
Internal Phone: 94031

Suzanne de Joux

Applications Advisor
Internal Phone: 93857

Rana Obaid

Applications Advisor
Internal Phone: 94409

Nina Hannuksela (on leave until September 2017)

International Partnerships Officer
Internal Phone: 93894