Studentsafe university insurance

To enrol as an international student at the University of Canterbury, you must have medical and travel insurance for the duration of your study.

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Studentsafe: UC's default insurance cover

Studentsafe University Insurance is UC’s current default insurance cover. Every student intending to enrol at UC is covered by the Studentsafe university policy from the time they leave home (up to 31 days prior to enrolment) to when they arrive to complete enrolment at UC. 

If you intend to enrol at UC, you do not need to buy your own insurance before you leave home. You can buy Studentsafe university insurance when you complete your enrolment in New Zealand.

If you do not want to purchase Studentsafe university insurance you must arrange approved insurance that meets the minimum requirements for a travel and medical insurance policy.

Insurance for the duration of your stay

Make sure you have an appropriate insurance cover while you are in New Zealand. Your cover must include the expiry date of your Student visa, even after your enrolment at the University of Canterbury has ended.

If you stop studying or your Studentsafe university insurance ends before you leave New Zealand, you must make other arrangements for insurance for the rest of your stay in New Zealand until the expiry date of your student visa. Visit Studentsafe and follow the instructions to apply and pay online for a Visitsafe-Express policy which will cover you for this time.

Studentsafe costs

  2017 2018
Student $590 NZD per year $620 NZD per year
(Student + 1)
 $1,180 NZD per year $1,240 NZD per year
(Student + 2 or more)
$1,475 NZD per year $1,550 NZD per year
Study Abroad  $295 NZD per semester $310 NZD per semester

The cost includes cover to visa expiry date or 150 days after final enrolment end date (whichever is earlier). The cost of this insurance will be added to your enrolment fees.

Details of cover and policy

The policy covers transit stopovers but will not cover stopovers considered as holidays.

Please refer to the University of Canterbury Studentsafe university brochure (2018)‌ for further details of cover.

You can find the full policy in Studentsafe-University Policy Wording.

Contents Insurance

There is an option to purchase contents insurance if you are living in shared accommodation. This is additional insurance for household goods such as stereos, fridges, furniture etc. Get a quote by calling the Studentsafe helpline on 0800 486 004.

Add family to your Studentsafe insurance

You can add your family to your Studentsafe insurance cover. Complete the Studentsafe Family Application form and bring it with you to enrolment. The appropriate premium will then be added to your statement of fees. Also bring your family member's passports (or copies of the passports) with you.

If you are already enrolled you can bring the Family Application form to the international student enrolment in person. Please do not send the application directly to Studentsafe, UC will do that for you.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions of health are not covered unless you have applied to the insurer and have received notice of acceptance of such condition(s). If you require cover for a pre-existing medical condition you can apply for cover by completing a Medical Risk Assessment Form.

Emergency assistance

To contact Studentsafe in New Zealand call toll-free 0800 486 004.

If you are travelling outside New Zealand and an emergency occurs during your travel or stopover, you can phone +64 9 486 6868. Collect calls will be accepted and paid for by the insurance company from anywhere in the world.

If you have a minor loss or event while travelling, keep all records and receipts then make a claim when you arrive in New Zealand and enrol in the insurance at the University.

Making a Claim

See Studentsafe claims information.

More information

Visit the Studentsafe website  or email