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Staff Information

Academic staff members who wish to join the stage party for a graduation ceremony should register by emailing Karen Reynolds (

Visiting academics are invited to join the stage parties at graduation.


In fine weather the procession assembly area is the marked area of the car park on Twigger Street. In inclement weather, staff members are asked to assemble in Stair 1 – opposite Gate 1 in the main foyer. The assembly times are 9:20 am for a morning ceremony and 1:20 pm for an afternoon ceremony.


Regalia for the ceremonies is ordered from the Canterbury Branch of the Federation of Graduate Women (Canterbury FGW) via your Department or College office. Please contact your Department or College administrator to place an order. Ordered regalia should be collected from 9 Creyke Road on the day prior to the ceremony and returned to the Canterbury FGW in the foyer of the Horncastle Arena (formerly CBS Canterbury Arena) after the ceremony.

**Staff who hold PhDs from Waikato University are advised that the Canterbury FGW are no longer able to supply these.   

Bag Check

A free bag-check service is provided at the Arena just inside the entrance.

Graduation Waiata and translation

The waiata Manu Tiria will be sung in the opening of the ceremony. Members of the stage party are encouraged to learn the waiata and the words will be in the graduation programme, a copy of which will be placed on your seat.

Manu tiria

(Kaea*) Manu tiria,
Manu tiria
Manu werohia ki te poho o Te Raka
Ka tau rērere
Ka tau mai i te ruhi
E tau e koia a

(Kaea) Koia,
koia ko Tararauriki
Kī Mai Māui
Ehara I te whitu me te waru e
E tau e koia, koia

*Kaea = leader

This song talks about when to plant (Ruhi or during January) and when not to plant (Whitu and Waru or November and December) Kūmara. It also relates to the story of Māui changing into a kereru and following his father into the underworld.

Listen to the Manu tiria (MP3, 1.01MB)


The ceremony will close with the singing of Gaudeamus, the words of which will also be printed in the graduation programme.

Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus,
Gaudeamus igitur juvenes dum sumus,
Post jucundam juventutem, post molestam senectutem,
Nos habebit humus, nos habebit humus.

Vivat Academia, vivant professores!
Vivat Academia, vivant professores!
Vivat membrum quodlibet, vivant membra quaelibet,
Semper sint in flore! Semper sint in flore!

Let us rejoice then while we are young;
When sweet youth’s past and crabbed age is done
The grave will have us, everyone.

Long live the University, long live the staff!
Long live each one, of whatever degree!
May they ever so flourishing be!

Please note:

  • The processions and ceremonies are filmed and photographed, and this footage is publically accessible by means of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • If you are graduating with a qualification yourself, or have an immediate family member graduating, please advise the Graduation Office when you register for the stage party.