Academic Regalia - Graduation - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Academic Regalia

If you are graduating in person at a ceremony, you must wear the correct academic regalia. Graduands are responsible for obtaining their own academic regalia and we encourage you to organise yours early to ensure availability.

Ordering academic regalia

Regalia hire information and the order form may be downloaded now.

Hire of Academic Dress (PDF, 123KB)

Regalia Order Form (PDF, 25KB)

The order form should be returned by post to:

Regalia Hire CFGW Trust (Inc)
P O Box 6733
Upper Riccarton
Christchurch 8442

Or in person (Tuesdays, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm)
9 Creyke Road

Orders close on Tuesday, 10 October . Late applications will be subject to a late fee.

Collecting and returning Academic Regalia

Academic regalia must be collected from 9 Creyke Road the day before the ceremony, and returned in the foyer of the Horncastle Arena immediately after the ceremony.

If you don't return your academic regalia on time, your deposit will not be refunded.

Do not wear academic regalia in the rain.

UC Regalia

On graduation day, graduands wear the hood and gown appropriate to their degree.

Regalia Hire information, including a short video on how to put on your regalia.

The various types of academic dress have evolved from the daily dress worn by university students and staff in the Middle Ages, which in turn was based on the attire worn by the medieval clergy. The gown was a medieval topcoat or cloak and the hood was a headcover.

The gowns for a University of Canterbury Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are the same as for the Cambridge Bachelor and Master of Arts; the gown for the Doctor of Philosophy degree is as for the Cambridge Master of Arts but with peony red detachable facings for dress occasions.

The hoods are of a standard size and shape, with a slate grey exterior except for the PhD, Bachelor of Teaching & Learning, and Bachelor of Sport Coaching. Honours and Masters degrees (for most faculties) are distinguished by having a border on the exterior (honours is 25mm wide and masters is 75mm) of the same colour as the interior of the hood.  The colour of the lining of the hood is strictly controlled and indicates the wearer’s university and degree.

University of Canterbury Colours

  • PhDs - Peony Red
  • Arts - Pink
  • Science - Ultramarine
  • Education - Brown
  • Sport Coaching - Red
  • Forestry - Chestnut
  • Social Work - Post Office Red
  • Communication Disorders - Magenta
  • Law - Ice Blue
  • Commerce - Yellow
  • Music and Fine Arts - White
  • Teaching and Learning - Gold
  • Engineering - Violet
  • Health Sciences - Emerald
  • Business Management (College of Education) - Blue

The headgear for a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree is a black trencher (mortarboard) with tassel. For all Doctors’ degrees the headgear is a black bonnet as for the University of St Andrews.

You must wear the correct academic dress when participating in a graduation ceremony. This is most important. If you are not wearing academic dress you will not be allowed to join the procession into the graduation ceremony. Your degree will therefore be conferred in absentia.

The graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement and graduands are encouraged to dress appropriately.

In recent years, Canterbury graduands have embellished their academic regalia with garments of honour from their own tradition such as a sari, kākahu/korowai or ta’ovala over their gown, and we encourage this colourful addition to the ceremonies. The hood must be worn over the top of these garments.

Canterbury Graduate Women

The hiring of academic dress is a voluntary service provided by Canterbury Graduate Women who own and maintain the regalia for UC ceremonies. The proceeds are used to finance scholarships and awards to graduates and students and for charitable purposes. A fund for the purchase of further academic dress is also maintained.

Graduate Women International is a network of women graduates founded in 1921. There are over 50 countries represented with a membership of around 250,000, and consultative status with UN bodies. The purpose of Graduate Women International is to promote understanding, friendship and cooperation among women graduates; to further the development of education; to encourage research work by women graduates

Canterbury Graduate Women welcome inquiries from all women graduates. Contact us through the branch website or call in to our rooms 9 Creyke Road any Tuesday between 9.30 am – 2.00 pm.