Paris Bronté

'DRS has helped me immensely through my studying journey...'

  • Paris Bronté

Studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

Co-Founder, Tattoo Removal Co.

Looking back on her teaching studies at UC, Paris has found her degree has prepared her well for a future career as a primary school teacher and mum.

‘It’s an interesting and good foundational degree. I enjoy how applicable and hands-on it is,’ she says. ‘Next year I am wanting to relieve with the hope of gaining part-time employment to work towards my teacher registration, while I have a young family.’

With UC being close to home, and having completed the STAR course BIOL 112 in high school, Paris initially started with a Forestry degree and was a Treasurer for FORSOC Forestry club. She later switched to a Primary Teaching degree as her newfound passion.

‘I love how you can have a chat to any lecturer and they are genuinely stoked that you are keen to learn, they are all full with extensive information and they don’t mind taking the time to explain something to you and they listen while you are talking to them. I was really involved with the clubs first time round at Uni and they are awesome, great way to socialise and meet people.’

Balancing part-time work at her Tattoo Removal Company and full-time life as a student and mum, Paris has made a lot of use of UC’s support services, including Academic Skills Centre (ASC) and Disability Resource Services (DRS).

‘I am dyslexic so was able to use the DRS who have helped me immensely through my studying journey,’ she says. ‘Nicola has been my mentor throughout both degrees and supported me with every decision, exam, note taking etc. The ASC has helped with short courses and pieces of work I needed to be looked over.

‘I didn’t have a lot of external support throughout my studies but DRS and ASC definitely made up for that in supporting my academic achievement.’

Paris advises other students to enjoy independently learning and be open towards developing new ideas.

‘Start collecting articles, behavioural management strategies and useful information as soon as you start! You will thank yourself when you are entering the professional world of teaching.

‘Be flexible, you might go into the degree thinking one thing, then read and experience another, it’s okay to change your mind!’

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