Deepthica Vasumathi Jagannathan

'Uni accommodation helps you make your experience at UC exponentially better...'

  • Deepthica Vasumathi Jagannathan

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Taxation and Accounting

Originally from India, Deepthica decided on studying Taxation and Accounting overseas, after developing an interest in the subject during high school.

Settling on New Zealand with the help of a global education scholarship, Deepthica ended up choosing UC as her university destination.

‘UC had a really good accounting degree,’ she says. ‘The structure in topics like tax is very systematic and chronological and hence easy to follow.

‘The lecturers and lectures assist in making your study experience as convenient as possible. The tutorial structuring is also done very well according to each paper and its difficultly level. Be prepared to love accounting theory, though!’

She hopes to launch her career in taxation around business organisations.

‘I am really interested by tax laws,’ she says. ‘I want to be working in a field and job related to my background in accounting, preferably with some connection to non-profits.’

Deepthica chose to stay in Ilam Apartments for accommodation on campus, to make the transition into student life in New Zealand easier.

‘I wanted the convenience and not having to worry about things like security and other costs like wi-fi and heating,’ she says.

The community at Ilam Apartments has been especially beneficial for getting to know the UC community better, and she advises other students to consider staying in accommodation.

‘My highlight has been my new friends, the helpful and friendly staff, and easily accessible resources like help with getting around uni life with ease.

‘Try and mingle as much as you can, and if you want that, uni accommodation helps you make your experience at UC exponentially better.’

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