Reuben Koorey

"Don’t be shy – most of the lecturers are very approachable and willing to help you. I like the people I met in class, everyone is pretty easy going and a good laugh."

  • Reuben koorey

Bachelor of Sport Coaching, Football Technology Analyst, Sydney Swans, Sydney, Australia

Learning about the ‘hugely unselfish’ profession of sport coaching is what Reuben enjoyed about his degree. ‘The goal of a coach is to help the athletes they are working with improve and achieve’ he says, adding: ‘It demands strong interpersonal skills which are transferable into many different sectors and jobs.’

Reuben started coaching when he was 16 years old, and soon chose to turn his interest into a career.

‘I wanted to get into the sports industry, and while there were several options for tertiary study around the country, I chose UC because its Sport Coaching degree is unique, and the College of Education has a stellar reputation.’

Studying coaching led Reuben to discover other specialist areas in the field of sport and to redefine his career goals.

‘I learned more about performance analysis and decided that was the path I wanted to go down,’ he says. ‘All my learning from the Sport Coaching degree is transferable to that field.’

An internship for a sports analysis company gave Reuben the opportunity to learn more about the business of performance analysis.

‘I was lucky enough to spend four weeks in Sydney on an internship at Sportstec, who are the global front runner in performance analysis software. One of my main tasks was to work with the development team on the Gamebreaker iPad app. I tested its functionality and provided feedback from a coach’s perspective, including my ideas about features that could be added.’

Having set his sights on working in the Australian Football League, Reuben made the permanent move to Sydney to find work after finishing his degree. He started out at the Sydney Swans looking after game day technology for the Reserves and working in the office during the week. Now established in his role as Technology Analyst with the club, he is clear about how that early work paid off in the long run.

‘In elite sports it can be hard to get in the door, so your willingness to start out in a role like that is pretty important. That hard work with the Reserves was one of the contributing factors which landed me my full-time role with the club.’

Reuben is responsible for organising and overseeing all the technology used by the Football Department.

‘My biggest task is to manage our video analysis software, and a branch of my role is to empower the coaches through technology to help our players learn, develop and push their own abilities,’ he explains. ‘On game days I ensure that the coaches have all the data, statistics and vision of the match that they need. During matches I will be asked to show a replay of a particular instance for a coach to analyse, and feedback stats to coaches.

‘My degree at UC certainly helped me my find my feet quickly in this role. Understanding the importance of instantaneous feedback to players in both verbal and visual form is a key concept I learned about.’

Reuben thinks that the way to get the most out of a degree, especially Sport Coaching, is to get involved in the classes as much as possible.

‘I would say don’t sit on the sidelines in your classes. Engage in what’s going on – it makes your life so much easier when it comes to studying for tests or assignments because you have already done the work. Don’t be shy – most of the lecturers are very approachable and willing to help you. I like the people I met in class, everyone is pretty easy going and a good laugh.’

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