Rosie Kόs

'UC is a pretty exciting place to be with so many internship opportunities...'

  • Rosie Kos

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours

With the whole family having studied Law, Rosie initially set out to make her own path with an Arts degree. However, after taking up an introductory course in Law in her second year, Rosie found that Law suited her newfound passion in global travel alongside studies in Political Science and Spanish.

‘I love the practical side of the law degree – while it does seem like a lot of theory, my favourite part is the practical problem solving element to it,’ she says. ‘I also wanted to take a BA because it is a fantastic opportunity to tailor your degree to your interests. I have always been interested in travel and learning about the world, so a language and political science were a perfect fit.  I was able to take papers that focused on international politics and relations so that suited me perfectly.’

With the chance to get involved in the community through her Law studies, Rosie has been taking part in the Teina Pora appeal case challenging his initial conviction.

‘Studying law at Canterbury has brought many fantastic opportunities,’ she says. ‘I was able to help his lawyers by researching points of law.  This was such an amazing opportunity to put the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout the course of my degree to work in something that matters hugely. 

‘I am very excited that I will be sent to London in November to see the Privy Council hearing!’

As such, Rosie is pleased she chose to study at UC.

‘It’s a pretty exciting place to be with so many internship opportunities and an increased focus on practicality. I really enjoy the element of social activism that the Law School is starting to emphasise more.  The work I’ve done on the Teina Pora appeal is just one of many amazing opportunities that will be available for Canterbury law students.’

Alongside the academic opportunities, Rosie particularly enjoys UC’s student community.

‘I love the campus life at Canterbury.  The clubs are great at bringing the students together and I think this contributes to the really strong student culture we have at the university.’ 

With all this in mind, Rosie has international plans for her double degrees.

‘I would love to use my BA in Spanish and Political Science alongside my Law degree to work overseas at some point.  I would love to do some work in international criminal law. My main interest outside of study is definitely travel and planning adventures that I can’t afford!  This is why it’s really cool to study something that could give me the option of spending time working overseas!’

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