Logan Heyes

'The thing I enjoy the most is seeing that snapshot of life, on a sub-nanometre scale...'

  • Logan heyes

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Psychology

Studying towards a PhD in Biochemistry

A strong interest in the human mind led Logan to start his university career studying Psychology as his major. He also took a few Biochemistry courses to supplement his learning. As time went on, he became more interested in ‘what makes the mind work, instead of the way in which it manifests itself in the world’, and made Biochemistry his major too.

‘The thing I enjoy the most is seeing that snapshot of life, on a sub-nanometre scale, which we can get from protein crystallography,’ he says.

Logan is now clear about the direction he wants to take his career in. He aspires to become a research scientist in the pharmaceutical sector, designing drugs for neurological purposes.

He initially chose to study at UC because a friend recommended it a great place to come for the overall student experience – and he was not disappointed.

‘I like the social set-up here – there are a lot of people who take it on themselves to make the place a more vibrant and unified place to study, which is great.’

However, by the time he came to the end of his undergraduate studies, he realised he was in exactly the right place to progress to a PhD in his specialist academic area. The opportunities on offer at the University’s dedicated Biomolecular Interaction Centre (BIC) suited his interests perfectly.

‘I stayed on at UC because I could be part of a research group working in a field that I thoroughly enjoy, and I was not going to give that up,’ he says. He won a scholarship to study at BIC and also landed a role as a research assistant at the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust, so he is now well along the path towards achieving his career ambition.

Staying on in Canterbury was also a chance for the New Plymouth student to continue enjoying his favourite sports.

‘Golf is also a passion of mine, and one huge benefit of living in Christchurch is that it offers me the chance to play without too much hassle or cost, and I want to be able to continue my golf while studying. UC also has a strong university football team which I’ve been able to play for.’

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