Peter Pallett

'I feel privileged to be able to study at this world-class University...'

  • Peter Pallett

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy

Self-Employed Dental Surgeon

Originally from the UK, Peter completed several degrees in Chemistry and Dentistry before deciding to travel down to New Zealand for a qualification in Astrophysics.

‘It’s been an interest for a long while,’ he says. ‘I wanted to make it a reality before retirement.’

The two subjects are areas Peter has thoroughly enjoyed studying because of their real world applications. 

‘They are very interesting, challenging and focal to our future,’ he says.

As such, studying at UC was a decision based on its overseas reputation in Astrophysics.

‘UC has high calibre courses, the Department is well run, and the students and staff are friendly. I feel privileged to be able to study at this world-class university.’

Astronomy in particular is an area that Peter would like to continue with in a potential career, especially after enjoying field trips to the Mt. John Observatory at Lake Tekapo.

Peter gets involved with the Physics and Astronomy Society (PhysSoc) whenever he can. Outside of UC, he also enjoys a game of tennis and has started learning sub aqua scuba diving.

‘I’m balancing part-time study, earning a living, part-time childcare and enjoying life!’

He feels determined to meet the challenge though as he continues his studies.

‘I’m looking forward to year three,’ he says.

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