Bianca Scrimgeour

'UC offers a superb environment for students...'

  • Bianca scrimgeour

Studying towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting

Bianca’s love of art comes from what she describes as its ‘energising, consuming and elating process’, and she hopes to make a career as a practising artist after completing her BFA at UC.

Currently in her first year, she is enjoying the first semester which acts as an introduction to the six Art disciplines offered at UC.

‘In the second semester I will focus on just two areas, at the end of which I will choose one which will be continued for the next three years.’

Bianca is from Napier, and decided to come to UC because of the quality of its teaching and the student lifestyle.

‘Canterbury’s outstanding reputation in sound, traditional and contemporary art-making methods, plus its policy of employing practising artists as tutors was hugely influential in my decision to come here,’ she says. ‘It offers a superb environment for students, with great study and social facilities.’

Bianca was keen to live at in a hall of residence during her first year and before enrolling she attended a campus tour which included a tour of the halls of residence.

‘I wanted the convenience of living in a fully-catered hall to allow me to make the most of both my studies and student life,’ she says. ‘I knew I would be living with fun, outgoing and motivated people.’

Bianca’s experience of hall life has turned out to be just as she had hoped. ‘It has made my start here easy and enjoyable. I feel at home here,’ she says.

Outside her studies and busy social life, Bianca has plenty of interests. ‘I enjoy cycling, rowing and tramping with UC’s clubs, along with other exercise. I also play the piano and sing.’

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