Yoomia Sim

'My day-to-day work changes every day, and I love it...'

  • Yoomia Sim

Bachelor of Music

Graduate Diploma in Management

Modern Violinist, Christchurch

Since graduating from UC, Yoomia has established an exciting career as a professional musician. Not only has she appeared as a soloist with the Canterbury Philharmonia and the New Zealand Secondary Schools Orchestra, she has also performed with international acts like Olivia Newton John, Michael Bolton, Il Divo and Florence and the Machine.

She has played at many major New Zealand festivals, such as La de da and Rhythm and Alps, and appeared on television. She also works as a recording artist, mentor and violin and piano teacher.

Yoomia thrives on this variety. ‘My day-to-day work changes every day, and I love it! I may be looking into booking studios for recordings, writing music, teaching, learning a new score, collaborating, rehearsing, travelling, or the best part – performing on stage!’

Yoomia holds a Bachelor of Music in performance violin and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, both from the University of Canterbury.

She chose to study at UC because it ‘offered the best performance music degree in New Zealand’.

‘I was very lucky to be admitted on performance violin when I was 16. I loved the high calibre of the music students and peers who also studied here. It was miles ahead of the rest of the colleges around New Zealand at the time. I learned so much by performing with them.’

She is also very appreciative of the friendships she made at the time and the ‘quality of musicianship’ she encountered studying at the School of Music.

Yoomia decided to complete the Graduate Diploma in Management because ‘I didn't want to be just a musician, I wanted to become entrepreneur. I was always interested in business and wanted to work for a record label or artist management.’

The qualification opened up more opportunities and led to Yoomia working in the fashion industry overseas, including brand management for Dolce & Gabbana at Harrods.

It also meant that when she felt the time was right to ‘follow my calling and work for myself,’ she was well-equipped to do so.

‘The course added the icing on the cake on top of my music education,’ she says. ‘I am more confident about managing my own career, marketing it and growing it.’

Another passion of Yoomia’s is travel. While her music career has provided opportunities to train and perform around the world, she has also cycled from Britain to the Czech Republic, helped build an animal sanctuary in the Amazon, and qualified as a dive master in the Caribbean.

Yoomia says that the best thing about her music career is that ‘I am in charge of my own destiny. I have no bosses to report to. I adore performing and introducing the violin into different genres, and I also love mentoring and teaching music to students.’

Studying at UC taught Yoomia ‘work ethic, professionalism and musicianship’ and her advice to anyone considering a course of study in music is: ‘Give it your best shot. Follow your dreams and make the best version of yourself. And yes, you can make money doing what you love!’

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