Chat le Nguyen

'My PhD research would be not only good reference for Vietnam but also other countries...'

  • Chat Le Nguyen

Studying towards a PhD in Law

Before coming to New Zealand, Chat was a lecturer in law in Vietnam. He developed an interest in new scientific research and decided to link this with his own field by undertaking a PhD in Law, examining the relatively new area of international anti-money laundering (AML) standards.

‘The emerging international AML regime, mainly formulated by developed countries, has been perceived as a crucial legal tool against not only money laundering crime, but other transnational organised crime,’ he explains. ‘I am exploring the difficulties presented by developing countries, of which Vietnam is a case study, in engagement with this regime.’

‘Doing a PhD in law at an internationally-recognised university like UC is obviously one of the best ways for people who want to make a genuine contribution to a specific aspect of law. My PhD research would be not only good reference for Vietnam but also other countries with the same background which are establishing their AML regimes.’

Chat says that the opportunity to come to the University of Canterbury and work with the academic staff here will allow him ‘to fulfil my interest and to challenge my ability in a truly international academic environment’.

‘It will absolutely widen my career prospects, from academic to practitioner, and beyond a domestic context. Doing this research, which encompasses the multi-disciplinary aspects of criminal law, transnational criminal law, international law and global financial governance, is a fundamental step for me to become an expert in the laws of AML.’

In his spare time, Chat enjoys playing sport and makes the most of the social clubs at the university as a chance to relax and have a break from his research. He has found that the multicultural outlook at UC has made the transition as an international student easier, especially since the Canterbury earthquakes.

‘UC and its School of Law have done fantastic work to make international students feel safe and stable in their life and study,’ he says. ‘I think that the peaceful lifestyle here and the genuine international academic community are unchangeable.’

He adds that although a PhD in Law is especially challenging for international students, ‘it undeniably broadens your horizons. Fortunately, the knowledgeable and compassionate supervisors and the helpful staff encourage and inspire you through the long journey.’

Robert Petch

Robert Petch

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Briar Mulholland

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