Shonam Kumar

'I really value the time I spent UC as a student as I got the most out of my university experience...'

  • Shonam Kumar

Bachelor of Commerce with endorsements in Human Resource Development and Strategic Management

Recruitment Advisor, University of Canterbury

Planning a career as a human resource consultant or manager, Shonam has completed a degree in Commerce at UC.

‘I’ve always wanted to help people out in any way I possibly can. My uncle, who is a lecturer in management at the University of the South Pacific, encouraged me to take up human resources since this will help me develop relationships with people in the work environment. Then I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained from UC in a real work environment to help others.’

Shonam particularly enjoyed the Management papers she took as a part of her degree as she gained further insights into the business world.

‘I’ve discovered that businesses don’t just exist for gaining profits – they are also there to develop a relationship with the community they are in.’

Originally from Fiji, Shonam chose to study at the University of Canterbury because it is located ‘in a beautiful city in a beautiful country’.

‘The University is close to home and located in a quiet environment, where it’s not too busy or too noisy. The support from lecturers, tutors and librarians is great. I feel fortunate to be in such a friendly and supportive environment.’

In her spare time Shonam likes to read novels and spend time with her friends and family. ‘I also like biking, swimming and going for walks up on the Port Hills.’

Shonam is glad she made the decision to study at UC and, in particular, the decision to undertake the Commerce degree.

‘I really value the time I spent UC as a student as I got the most out of my university experience. It provided me a quality education which has given me a stepping stone to a better future and a successful career.

‘A Commerce degree is challenging just like any other degree, but it is really rewarding in terms of the knowledge and skills that you gain from all the different lectures and tutorials. Every day, in every lecture, I got to learn something new.

‘I demonstrated an interest in HR and management, which has been attractive for potential employers. There is of course a very competitive world out there. However, it’s all worth it as my bachelor’s degree has provided me with strength and confidence to apply for challenging jobs.’

After completing her degree, Shonam landed a job at the University of Canterbury’s Human Resources department.

‘In my job I get to put the theory to practical use, and I also have a further opportunity to build relationships with those within the University as well as externally. I get to utilise the skills that I have gained from my studies as well as my natural people skills.’

‘I really enjoy all the aspects of my job as it is challenging and at the same time it is really satisfying.’

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