Charlotte Ward

'It’s such an exciting degree and field to be in...'

  • Charlotte ward

Studying towards a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health and Society and Policy

‘I was really interested in health and promotion, but I did not want to do a clinical degree in Otago,’ Charlotte says. ‘When I saw this degree I knew that this way I could still be involved in health and be a part of such an exciting and growing field.’

Charlotte believes her studies at UC have realised her passion for improving the health of the local community.

‘The Health Sciences degree was exactly what I wanted and you couldn’t get it anywhere else in New Zealand for what I wanted to do (undergrad specifically). I love Christchurch; it’s a beautiful and friendly city so I had no reason to leave it.’

Charlotte especially enjoys the emphasis on importance her studies have.

‘There is an endless supply of guest speakers from the field that come and talk to you about their role in the New Zealand health system. They’re so open to your questions, comments and ideas. They are constantly saying how important people doing this degree are going to be in future.

‘I love being surrounded by a group of people who share the same passion to improve health in New Zealand. It’s not a big class so you get to know the people in your lectures really quickly and soon become friends helping each other with study. It’s like a community.’

Indeed, Charlotte has relished taking part in the social aspects of UC’s community.

‘Canterbury offers great resources; vast libraries, the UC Recreation centre, computer labs, lots of yummy food and everything is so close together you don’t have to walk too far! It is awesome being able to nip to the gym between lectures because it’s on site. It really allows me to keep healthy and fit.

‘There are so many cool BBQ’s around UC and the Foundry is an awesome student bar that always has something good on,’ she says. ‘I have met so many cool people doing such exciting things. It’s awesome seeing your mates around all the time and being able to catch up for a quick coffee at one of the many cafés on site.’

Charlotte can’t emphasise enough to anyone looking to study Health Sciences to ‘go for it!’

‘It’s such an exciting degree and field to be in,’ she says. ‘You make new friends so easily that share your passions. You get to interact and learn off the professionals from the field. There are so many different majors that you can look into depending on what drives and interests you. Whether it be education, promotion, environment or indigenous studies the list goes on!’

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