Gregory Anderson

'I like having the ability to get out and explore in the field one day and be involved in community projects the next...'

  • Gregory Anderson

Certificate in University Preparation

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography

Intern, SJ Civil Ltd

After several years working as a painter and decorator, Greg decided to take the next step and start a career by getting a university degree.

‘I wanted to challenge myself,’ he says. ‘I wanted to teach my daughters that anything is possible if you commit to it, a chance to achieve academic goals that had once intimidated me.’

Greg started at UC earning the Certificate of University Preparation (CUP) through the Bridging Programme to redevelop academic skills.

‘I choose to study at UC because of the amazing teachers I had meet whilst involved in the Certificate of University Preparation. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when studying as this was picked up by one of my lecturers. Once this was known I was able to make plans to overcome walls that had been emplaced as a child.’

It was this support that sold UC to him as his university of choice.

‘I like the world-class science departments and academic staff and the family friendly environment, which appealed to me as a single parent. I have lifelong friends met along the way.’

Geology and Geography were his particular choices because of how well they connect together. He hopes to use both in a career in earth science or public relations and has recently started a role at SJ Civil.

‘I like having the ability to get out and explore in the field for fossils one day (Geology) and be involved in system based community projects the next (Geography).

‘The combination of the two subjects has enabled me to have a more in-depth understanding of both physical and social sciences and the link between the two.’

Greg enjoys fossil and mineral exploration even outside of study, while also enjoying learning Indigenous studies, doing family activities and playing sports.

He strongly advises others wanting to get a university qualification to take the opportunity.

‘Challenge yourself,’ he says. ‘It’s never too late to follow your dreams.’

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