Andreas Wilson

'I feel that I have been well prepared for the professional world...'

  • Andreas Wilson

Studying towards a Master of Science in Geography

With a strong interest in health-based geography, Andreas’ studies at UC have focused on urban communities and its impact on the health of people.

‘I have always had a strong interest in urban landscapes, and how they can influence an individual’s lifestyle.  I was interested in understanding how these connections manifest, and how dynamic urban landscapes are conceptualised in academic literature,’ he says. ‘The Christchurch Earthquake has also provided me with a strong incentive to study urban areas. It has been a valuable experience to see how the city is being reimaged and rebuilt in the present and future.’

Andreas received a Master’s Scholarship from UC’s Geo Health Laboratory for his master’s research, which looks to investigate the likelihood of child obesity in primary school children based on their mode of transport to and from school.

‘After I complete my master’s degree, I am hoping to continue pursing my interest of geography and health as a career path,’ he says. ‘I also wish to travel overseas and experience the different cultures.’

Working as a tutor for an undergraduate Geography course at UC, Andreas especially enjoys the range of disciplines that Geography explores.

‘Geography is such an interesting and multi-dimensional area of study.   I enjoyed that I was given a lot of different options in my undergraduate studies, so I felt as though I was able to make an informed decision about what area of geography I wanted to pursue.’

Since his study is so people-focused, it is no surprise that Andreas’ favourite aspect of UC is the community.

‘During my studies at UC, I have met some amazing people from all different walks of life.  My first year at UC was spent at the Halls of Residence Rochester and Rutherford, which was a great way to get to know new people and introduce me to the University lifestyle.

‘I knew that the University has a strong human-geography department, which gave me great incentive to study at UC. The Geography Department at UC has some fantastic lecturers who are great to learn from.’

Overall, Andreas looks forward to what he can accomplish due to his time at UC.

‘I have immensely enjoyed my study at UC so far.  The people are great, the curriculum is great and I feel that I have been well prepared for the professional world as a result.’

Stefanie Tibbotts

Stefanie Tibbotts

'The courses are interesting, the lecturers are great and always willing to help, and the UCSA organises wicked events...'

Stephanie Fong

Stephanie Fong

'I love that the courses focus on local, national and international examples, and go in-depth...'