Satoru Kuwabara

'If you are interested in Forestry, you will enjoy the people, the environment and the study here at UC...'

  • Satoru kuwabara

Studying towards a Bachelor of Forestry Science

Satoru moved from his home city of Tokyo, Japan, to study at UC because ‘UC is one of the few universities in the world that offers a proper, comprehensive Forestry degree’.

He had decided to take a degree in the subject after working in the landscaping business in Japan for a couple of years, and deciding he wanted to learn about the ‘multi-functionality of forests’ in more depth.

Satoru highlights that multi-faceted nature of the subject when he advises that it is a good idea to study business economics and biology to keep up with everything that is covered in the first year of the degree.

‘And there are lots of field trips so you learn both the theoretical and the practical side of the subject.’

But overall, he says, ‘if you are interested in Forestry, you will enjoy the people, the environment and the study here at UC’.

A typical day for Satoru involves attending lectures then heading to the library to do further research. Once all his homework and assignments are done he’ll go to the gym or the tennis courts.

As an international student, Satoru finds UC’s campus set-up a very welcoming one, and conducive to making new friends. In his first year, he lived in university accommodation.

‘I had nice flatmates and met lots of other people who were living there. It was good to be able to study in a quiet, comfortable living space. There are also a lot of social places on campus where you can meet people studying other disciplines, like in the libraries,’ he says.

‘Coming to an overseas country for the first time I did struggle with my English for the first few months, but I think it is getting better – with a lot of help from my flatmates, my former host mother, and of course all the lecturers I have been taught by.’

Satoru hopes his career in the forestry industry will lead to him managing a large area of forest himself. He is especially interested in assessing and having oversight of all the factors that may have an impact on the sustainability, productivity and profitability of the forest.

Melissa pendly

Melissa Pendly

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Jack Burgess

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