Kate Muir

'The grounding I gained during my university years has proven to be invaluable for finding employment...'

  • Kate Muir

Bachelor of Forestry Science with Honours

Policy and Resource Planner, Forest Management New Zealand Ltd

Every day is different for Kate, which is exactly why she took a degree in Forestry Science.

'It's such a diverse industry, where there are plenty of opportunities,' she says. 'It's always challenging and no two days are the same.'

In her first job after completing her degree at UC, Kate is working at Forest Management NZ in Napier as a policy and resource planner. The role involves developing environmental and health and safety policies and procedures. She also undertakes auditing and reporting for regional councils and resource consent applications.

'My immediate goal is to gain hands-on experience and a good understanding of the industry. Then, through further study, I hope to focus on occupational health and safety.'

Kate says that it's an ever-evolving industry so if, like her, you are looking for new challenges there are always plenty of options.

'There is an abundance of jobs in all areas of the business which means there is opportunity for continual learning while you're employed.'

Kate says she enjoyed her time at UC both inside and outside the classroom.

'The small classes in the School of Forestry, the direct interaction you have with lecturers, and the clubs culture on campus all contribute to a fun studying environment.'

The content of the degree also lived up to the promise that Kate would leave university well prepared for her forestry career.

'Because there is such a diverse range of courses you study with the Forestry Science degree, it allows you to graduate with broad industry knowledge. This broad understanding prepares graduates for all roles, and doesn't set you up for just a single aspect of the business.'

She adds: 'The grounding I gained during my university years has proven to be invaluable for finding employment. I'd advise anyone taking the degree to take all the practical experience you possibly can, and look at the range of opportunities the industry offers, both nationally and internationally. That was what motivated me to study the BForSc.'

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