Blake Jones

'I really enjoy the amount of work outdoors...'

  • Blake jones

Bachelor of Forestry Science with Honours

Harvest and Woodflow Coordinator, Forest Owner Marketing Services Ltd, Feilding

Blake decided to study Forestry at UC after some forester friends convinced him it was a great industry to work in, ‘and they weren’t wrong either,’ he says.

Blake has certainly not regretted his choice of study. Listing the School of Forestry faculty as one of his favourite things at UC, Blake also found his degree catered well to his interests and future plans. ‘Because I knew what I wanted to do all along I tailored my degree to the outcome I wanted. The degree has given me an awesome head start and has given me the opportunity to get my dream job.’

Blake’s current job is working at Forest Owner Marketing Services Ltd (FOMS) as a Harvest and Woodflow Coordinator, a role that requires him to manage up to six logging crews.

‘This supervision involves harvest planning, health and safety, managing woodflow and other general supervision tasks. I am responsible for the log supply of three large domestic sawmills which requires the management of woodflow for over 15 crews which supply these mills. Because I am a Graduate I am also involved in harvest and road planning projects to help develop more demonstrable knowledge in this area so that in the future I can independently manage the harvest of forests. I have also started undertaking valuations and acquisitions of small blocks to learn the sales side of the business.’

‘I really enjoy the planning side of my job as I can see the harvest develop from an untouched mature forest, through to road-lining, road construction, clearfell and then replanting stages. I really enjoy the amount of work outdoors,’ he says.

Despite his living the dream, Blake still has a significant career goal in mind. ‘I would like to become an Operations Manager and one day work for myself,’ he says.

Blake emphasises to those looking to do Forestry to get out there and give it a go for the experience.

‘Ask around companies, get out in the truck and scrub and see if it’s for you. Forest companies will be more than happy to show you the experience and it gives you the opportunity to make sure this is the degree for you.’

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