Angus McKenzie

'You get a very good insight into most forestry avenues that exist in New Zealand and abroad...'

  • Angus McKenzie

Bachelor of Forestry Science

Harvest and Port Operations Supervisor, PF Olsen Ltd, Rotorua

By the time he graduated from UC with his BForSc, Angus was confident he had the skills and knowledge needed to perform well in his Rotorua-based role as a Harvest and Port Operations Supervisor at PF Olsen Ltd.

'My job involves harvest planning and management, liaising with forest owners and customers, scheduling export log vessels and organising domestic log sales. It's a great mix of office and field work. I love the fact that there is a lot of responsibility involved and that I am able to see how my decisions affect the efficient running of the supply chain.'

Angus grew up around forest operations and has a great love for the outdoors. It made sense to follow in his father's footsteps by studying Forestry at UC as he knew his employment prospects would be good.

'There are many reasons to be involved in the forest industry – the jobs, the lifestyle, the locations... There is always demand in New Zealand for people to manage our natural resources. We can supply a sustainable timber resource that the demanding and developing world needs, so the degree is an opportunity worth taking.'

Angus says he has really enjoyed studying at UC, particularly because of the small class sizes and the mix of practical and theory-based work.

'It was a well-rounded degree. You get a very good insight into most forestry avenues that exist in New Zealand and abroad. And it ties in learnings of other industries surrounding forestry – manufacturing, transport and logistics, construction... The School of Forestry also has a long history of industry relationships, as well as a great social environment.

'I gained a lot of confidence from learning up-to-date and relevant information, and having the ability to analyse and think for myself. I know that I am well prepared to start a career in an industry that has so much to offer both here and abroad.

Acacia Farmery

Acacia Farmery

'I really enjoyed the field trips and the closeness of the degree...'

Kristie paki paki

Kristie Paki Paki

'The School of Forestry turns out confident and capable students...'