Georgia Taggart

'It’s so important to be surrounded by people with different interests...'

  • Georgia taggart

Studying towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking

It was the reputation of UC’s School of Fine Arts that brought Georgia from Wellington to study in Christchurch.

‘I wanted to move away from home and the School of Fine Arts has such a long-established history and tradition,’ she says. ‘The size of the classes and the interaction with the tutors was particularly important for me. I think we are so privileged that the School employs practising artists as our tutors as their first-hand knowledge is so valuable.’

Art has always been something that Georgia is passionate about, and she studied art and art history throughout school. ‘I have been fortunate to have had amazing art teachers who have encouraged and inspired me over the years. A school art trip to New York particularly opened my eyes to the wonderful world of art, and the possibilities there are in terms of future endeavours.’

For Georgia, those endeavours would ideally mean working as an art curator at a major overseas gallery while continuing to practise as an artist.

When describing her degree in Printmaking, Georgia agrees that it is not easy. ‘You have to work hard, and most of the time it’s self-directed, which can be challenging. You definitely get out what you put in. Most of my time is spent researching, drawing or etching into plates and printing in the workshop. I also take an Art History course, so I have lectures and a tutorial each week.’

‘I love painting and photography, and studying Printmaking enables me to combine all these mediums in my work. I love the traditional methods of printmaking, and I find working with black ink and paper so visually beautiful. There is always something so rewarding in seeing how your print has worked when you first pull it through the press, and there is also a lot of chance involved so it’s very exciting when you discover something new.

An important benefit of studying at UC has been the sense of community Georgia has experienced, on a number of levels.

‘I love working within such a small class. Everyone knows everyone and it’s a wee haven for us all to express ourselves through our art and do what we love every day.

‘The great thing about campus is that there is always something exciting happening and it’s great to be part of that. I think it’s so important to be surrounded by people with different interests, studying all sorts of degrees. There are numerous clubs and events which you can join and attend, and I think it is such a great way to meet new people and become involved in the University.

Georgia has also taken the city of Christchurch to heart and, like other members of the School of Fine Arts, has been involved in a number of projects around the city organised by Gap Filler, a local urban regeneration initiative.

‘I think it’s so special to be involved in brightening up the city and giving back to the community, and it is such a privilege to be a part of the re-build and future of Christchurch.’

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