Bianca Davis

'Financial Engineering just seemed to have the right mix of what I enjoy...'

  • Bianca Davis

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering

With a goal of working at the Reserve Bank, Bianca has set herself up to succeed by studying Financial Engineering, a new subject at UC. While she initially enrolled to work towards a BCom, Bianca soon realised which fields really grabbed her and she was able to shift her focus. Financial Engineering is a cross-disciplinary subject which combines financial and economic theory with the mathematical and computational tools needed to design and develop financial products, portfolios, markets and regulations.

'I came to UC knowing that I wanted to do business, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do specifically. I started out doing an Accounting degree, then switched to Economics and finally to Financial Engineering which just seemed to have the right mix of what I enjoy,' she says.

'I love that I am doing math, statistics, computer science and finance. It makes the degree more enjoyable because my courses are diverse and I am not stuck doing variations of the same thing across all my courses.'

Working across disciplines does have its challenges, but Bianca is happy about how best to handle these.

'You have to work quite hard, and try to make a lot of friends. You will be in classes with completely different people, so it's nice to have someone in each class whom you can study with or talk to about what's happening. It also means that sometimes the lecturers will be unaware of your workload and hand things out at the same time, but as long as you manage your time well and study outside lectures you should be able to keep on top of it.'

Bianca hails from Timaru and wanted to attend a university that was reasonably close to home. 'My family are very important to me so I didn't want to be far away from them.'

She says the services available to UC students have made her time here easier.

'I enjoy that UC looks after its students. I can get a free appointment at the Health Centre on campus and a meal for $2, and I don't know where I'd be without that. The lecturers are also very accommodating and helpful, which makes me feel more at ease and comfortable in my classes.'

In her free time Bianca likes to experiment with cosmetics. 'I love that makeup can not only transform, but enhance and help people feel more confident,' she says. She also enjoys cooking: 'I love finding new recipes and making them for my flatmates.'

Weekends see her putting her business skills to use, working at a property agency, handling tenant enquiries and transactions. 'I'm the first port of call for everything on a Saturday morning!'