Suphachet (Safe) Wongsunopparat

'The degree is a good basis for any businesses...'

  • Safe Wongsunopparat

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Accounting and Information Systems

Intermediate Accountant, Grant Thornton New Zealand Ltd, Christchurch

After graduating from UC, Safe was pleased to land a fantastic job with Grant Thornton Ltd as an Intermediate Accountant, a role that uses his chosen subjects of study well.

‘I prepare financial statements and tax returns for our clients, sort out tax matters and correspond with Inland Revenue. I also provide financial advice for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and complete periodic reviews of client financial performances.’

Safe plans to make the most of this experience to aim for an extensive business career.

‘I want to become a Chartered Accountant and expose myself to variety of business in different industries, and run my own consulting or trading business in the future,’ he says.

Safe was always determined to study a career-focused degree and so a Commerce degree with a double major in Finance and Accounting and Information Systems was a perfect choice.

‘It has a wide application of subjects,’ he says. ‘It’s a good basis for any businesses. The degree provides the principle and application of accounting, as well as other aspects such as taxation, auditing, finance and management.’

Safe especially enjoyed the practical applications his study has to real life situations.

‘The 2nd and 3rd year of studies encourage a lot on application of what you learn instead of memorising boring theories. Study material is not too overloaded and there are plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn to the real scenario, either through case studies or group presentation as well as further research. I enjoy studying at my own pace and this promotes the sense of time management and being self-disciplined, which is part of being a varsity student.’

Although Safe was an international student from Thailand, his years living in Christchurch meant finding UC an easy transition.

‘Canterbury is the most renowned university in the South island,’ he says. ‘I enjoy the flexibility and variety of courses and the friendly and helpful lecturers. It also has a good mix of cultures and a range of club activities and leadership opportunities where you can always meet new people and build yourself a solid reference for the future.’

Safe has made sure to keep up active social activities beyond UC.  

‘I enjoy spending a lot of time playing sports such as Golf, badminton and tennis. I am passionate about photography. I love travelling around New Zealand and spending time with friends.’

He recommends some background interest and strong language skills for those thinking of studying his chosen subjects.

‘It is helpful to have basic accounting background for earlier years. For those where English is not their first language or with a minimal English background, I would recommend that they come and experience what the city and lifestyle is like first, and it will be very beneficial to take some English courses to strengthen their English ability before going straight to the university. But overall, it is a matter of how much effort you actually put into your studies and that’s where your result will come from.’

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