Sarah Poole

'Mechatronics Engineering is a great degree as it gives you many options in industry direction...'

  • Sarah Poole

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics Engineering

PhD Student, Stanford University, California, USA

Sarah’s introduction to engineering as a passion is certainly a more unique background than most. ‘Growing up on a dairy farm, I saw many times how technology could make life easier. Engineering was, for me, a way to investigate and develop technologies that could continue this trend,’ she says.

Choosing to study at UC, Sarah found herself interested in Mechatronics Engineering, which she believes has a great application to a future engineering career.

‘Engineering as a whole taught me how to approach a problem and what tools to use. Mechatronics Engineering is a great degree as it gives you many options in terms of classes, project areas and industry direction. A great course!’

UC in particular she finds is a great place to study for a degree that you find most interesting.

‘The atmosphere at UC is unique – because of the centralised campus you are living in an area dominated by students, so there is always someone new to meet and something to do. Faculty are very supportive, and systems are in place to allow interdisciplinary and interest studies as you near the end of your degree.’

Sarah’s dedication has taken her far at UC. She received the Beca Engineering in Society Scholarship in 2012 recognising her as an engineering student prepared to make a difference to engineering in New Zealand, and a J R Templin Bursary and a Fulbright Scholarship in 2013 to study biomedical informatics at Stanford University. Her PhD is focussing on computerised hospital records and how they can be improved to give an earlier diagnosis and create better treatment regimes.

‘I get to work with real medical data, i.e. hospital records, and my work has immediate applications in improving patient outcomes and care,’ she says.

Sarah has accomplished much already, but plans to add more to her achievements.

‘Upon completing my PhD, I hope to stay involved in academia, and am especially interested in obtaining a teaching position. This will allow me to pass on my interests and passions while still being able to pursue research.’

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