Marcus Reeves

'The environment is amazing, the people are amazing and the support network is brilliant....'

  • Marcus Reeves

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

As one of the first students to try out Kirkwood Avenue Hall accommodation, Marcus has really enjoyed the experience of living in an independent hall for first-year students.

‘I wanted a self-catered small hall with an awesome environment,’ he says. ‘I’ve made some of the most amazing friends and some good skills like cooking and taking care of myself.’

Marcus is keen to recommend other students try out UC accommodation for the best start to study.

‘Do it! The environment is amazing, the people are amazing and the support network is brilliant. There is always someone to help out and you won’t regret your decision.’

Simply loving ‘everything’ about UC, Marcus found it easy deciding on his university based on reputation and student culture.

‘It’s the best Engineering school in the country and it has amazing facilities. I enjoy being part of the UC Ultimate Frisbee Club and the number of Christian clubs on campus.’

Choosing to pursue Engineering to match his career ambitions, Marcus has thoroughly enjoyed the relevant skills he’s already gained in his first year. He intends to go onto specialising in Civil Engineering.

‘It was to me the best way to help people and to do what I enjoy. I want to help create positive change in the world through engineering,’ he says.

‘An Engineering degree is one of the most versatile degrees you can study, you can use it in so many places and if you don’t enjoy it it’s easy enough to change. I love the real-world uses for my degree and the amazing lecturers.’

Hannah Orchard

Hannah Orchard

'I'm living the dream...'

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Stanley Sarkies

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