Fatanah Mohamad Suhaimi

"The area of bioengineering has huge potential in the future. There is a high demand for engineers who can explore and get involved in the medical field."

  • Fatanah mohamad suhaimi

Doctor of Philosophy, Lecturer, Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia

Fatanah has set herself high career goals, hoping to work toward the design and innovation of medical equipment for commercial and hospital use. She aspires to contribute to society through the implementation of advanced control systems and therapies that can benefit patients.

Fatanah has already gained a lot of satisfaction from the results of her PhD study at UC in this field. ‘The research that I did creates the opportunity to improve the diagnosis of patients in critical care, specifically for sepsis patients, and for controlling blood glucose levels for adults in intensive care,’ she explains.

She sees this as important work and acknowledges the increasing need and demand for engineers with relevant skills. ‘The area of bioengineering has huge potential in the future. There is a high demand for engineers who can explore and get involved in the medical field.’

Her PhD has prepared Fatanah for her current role as a lecturer in Malaysia by providing her with the knowledge and academic skills required for advanced research, collaborative work and publication. ‘I have learned and experienced how to do research in a manageable way,’ she says.

Studying and doing research in a different country added a different dimension to Fatanah’s PhD. ‘I set myself a challenge by doing clinical research in another country, but it was very good experience in collaborative work.’

Fatanah’s role involves a number of diverse aspects. She is responsible not only for giving lectures and supervising students, but doing research, clinical studies and consultations. It gives her the ‘opportunity to meet many people with different backgrounds and expertise by collaborating on research, to travel to many places for conferences as an invited speaker, and to design and fabricate equipment that can be used for medical diagnostic applications.’

Fatanah wanted to study at UC because of the strong reputation of the College of Engineering. She worked both with a range of UC staff, and with clinical staff at Christchurch Hospital and she found this created a supportive learning environment.

‘I enjoyed working with them all, especially with UC’s BioEngineering team, and we are now like a family. Technical staff at the Mechanical Engineering Department and other staff at UC have also been very supportive and helpful.’

The beauty and nature of New Zealand and Canterbury also drew Fatanah to UC.

‘Christchurch is a nice place to stay because it is a centre of the South Island. The scenery of New Zealand is extremely beautiful and people here are very friendly.’

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