Aidan Jackson

'I have always enjoyed learning about the world...'

  • Aidan Jackson

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese and Political Science with a minor in Chinese

Aidan believes that by studying languages at UC, students have access to a range of opportunities that will make their university and life experience even more enriching, and this serves as motivation to become as fluent as possible.

'Take every opportunity you can to use your language and improve it,' says Aidan. 'The key is to enjoy it. You can make friends with the international students here, you can go on exchanges, or make your own overseas experience.'

Aidan's interest in global societies has led to his clear career goal of becoming an interpreter or translator at the United Nations.

After winning the Japanese government-funded Kizuna scholarship in high school, Aidan spent some time in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami-hit region of Japan, and later in an unaffected city, Kyoto. His interest in the country was sealed, and helped to make his choice of university education straightforward.

'I have always enjoyed learning about the world - how it has developed and how it works - as well as studying different cultures and lifestyles,' he says. 'At first I chose to major in Political Science and Japanese because it provided a gateway for these things. And then I enjoyed my first year so much that I chose to add a minor in Chinese.'

Originally from Shrewsbury, England, Aidan moved with his family to Christchurch when he was eight years old. He was keen to attend university in the city so he could remain near them and his friends. Aidan is enjoying the day-to-day life of a student at UC.

'There are so many things I like about studying at Canterbury. Its atmosphere is one of them. It has such a beautiful and neat campus. It really shows why Christchurch is called the Garden City. The time I spend there doesn't feel like a chore at all. I attend some of the clubs at UC so from time to time I get involved in organised activities. I can't really explain it but my study life at Canterbury still feels fresh and lively.'

Aidan has been involved in the local community as a leader at a youth group connected with his church, so studying at UC means he can keep that connection going. His main interest away from study, however, is music.

'Music makes people happy!' he says. 'I really enjoy listening to it and creating it. I play several instruments, but my favourite is the harmonica. I really like to see people happy, and that's why I love music.'

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