Dan Cheal

'I chose this degree because I needed something that would really challenge me...'

  • Dan Cheal

Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Global Operations Director, 180 Degrees Consulting, Sydney, Australia

Dan has set himself the considerable career challenge of becoming a CEO, and he chose to study towards a BCom at UC in order to achieve that.

'I have always loved the idea of working in the commercial world,' he says. 'My goal is to get into corporate strategy in the financial industry. I chose this degree because I needed something that would really challenge me.

'I also knew the strength of the School of Business and Economics at UC and the advantages of having a degree that came with the reputation that a UC degree has!'

In Dan's opinion, that reputation is earned through the depth and quality of the teaching, the structure of the BCom and the atmosphere at the School.

He recalls meeting one of UC's business school advisors when he was in Year 13 at high school.

'He told me that he wanted to look after all of the students in the faculty and make sure that they were all coping and, more importantly, passing! I still talk to him.

'I loved studying at UC because of the way that the lecturers and the students work together. The lecturers are always available to have meetings one-on-one, and they make sure that we understand everything we need to know to get the grades that we deserve,' he says.

'It seems to me that there is a really strong focus on the major subject, but they also teach us so proficiently about the other vital things that will help us in our careers.'

Even outside the classroom, Dan says the number of resumé-boosting opportunities on offer is an advantage of studying at UC. During his time here Dan was part of 180 Degrees Consulting, and he is now the Global Operations Director managing all of the branches in the Asia-Pacific region.

'We help not-for-profit organisations who don't have the money to hire big firms to get the commercial help they need, and it also allows students to gain consulting experience and find out if consulting is a career path that they might enjoy.'

Dan spent another year with ANZ Bank as a Senior Home Lender after graduating, following an internship there from his final year of study, before moving to Australia. His current work sees him selling professional development activities for finance industry professionals.

It’s no surprise that he recommends his university experience to others thinking about studying business.

‘UC is a great place. It has great courses and it'll take care of you all the way through to graduation.’

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