UC Summer Research Scholarship Student Application Form

This scholarship is for completing undergraduate UC students

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* I have read the details of each of the projects for which I have applied and am able to fullfil the requirements of the project. This includes my willingness to completing any fieldwork away from UC and any work outside of normal hours as specified on the project descriptions.
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* In submitting this form I agree to my details being used for the purposes of being considered and selected for a summer research scholarship. The academic record will only be accessed by necessary university staff.

* I understand that my data will be held securely and that when this information is no longer required for this purpose, official University procedure will be followed to dispose of my data. I have the right to change or access my information. If I have supplied a CV, I agree that this can be used to assist the project sponsor (which could potentially be external to the university) in selecting me for this project.