April Perry

'I love helping people grow, and higher education provides an avenue for that...'

  • April Perry

PhD in Higher Education

Associate Director, Writing and Learning Commons, Western Carolina University, USA

The dream to live abroad brought April to pursue her postgraduate studies at UC.

'After much international research on universities, degree programmes, geographic location and scholarship opportunities, New Zealand and specifically UC kept taking the lead,’ she says.

Originally from Oklahoma, USA, April had previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master’s of Education in Adult Education. For her PhD, April focused on tertiary education, and specifically student development and transitions. She researched the ‘post-university transition’ and explored how universities can better prepare their graduates for life after study.

After four years of living in New Zealand, April and her husband, Lane – who also completed a PhD at UC, have returned to the US to continue their careers in North Carolina. April is now the Associate Director of the Writing and Learning Commons at Western Carolina University.

'The bottom line is that I love helping people grow, and higher education provides an avenue for that. The development that happens within university students is so vital, and I thrive on aiding them through this life-changing experience.'

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